How To Take Screenshot On Android Nougat 7.0

Android Nougat is OS of Google for Android phones. Smartphones are spreading like a wild fire in the present scenario. Nowadays, everyone is having a smartphone with salient and distinctive features. One of the most sought after feature is taking screenshot. Indeed stating, all the phones have a common and one exclusive method of taking screenshots. These can be pertaining to the settings of the phone and inbuilt qualities.


The advent of smartphones has managed to ease diverse tasks of people on the professional and personal front. Right from social networking to emails, report making, playing music and enjoying games, everything can be done on the smartphone. And when it comes to taking screenshots, some people have a query in their mind as for how to take screenshot on Android Nougat 7.0?

First Method:

Stated to be a common method, it requires the user to select the screen to take its shot. Further to this, the power button and volume buttons have to be pressed together in one go. Then, a sound of the shutter will be heard indicating that screenshot has been taken. Certainly, the shot can be saved in the folder or shared with friends and family members.

Second Method:

As a part of the second method, the user is required to select the screen for taking a screenshot. After this, a person should access settings menu bar and scroll down to Movements option. Further to this, select movements and gestures and press Scan for capturing the screenshot. And finally turn off button to On for saving the screenshot further.

About Android Nougat 7.0:

Lately announced in January 2017, the Operating system named Android 7.0 is The best thing about the phone is that it is laced with intrinsic features like launcher shortcuts that happen to allow users to long press an icon and check a quick couple of actions such as shooting a video or taking a selfie on the camera app minus of launching the entire application first. An ideal thing about the phone is that its wider screen allows users to enjoy their video and movies with full enthusiasm.

Some of the other features include the newer tabbed view in the Settings option that imitates identification of the Pixels having assistance from a new Support tab to access support as and when required. along with this, the OS is also equipped with Multitasking view option that allows users to enjoy viewing varied screen together without having to access them individually and closing the other one.

Yet another new feature in the Android 7.0 Nougat talks about allowing specified users to select where to install wallpapers. This calls for 3 areas to launch wallpaper – Home screen, lock screen or even both. And when it comes to the matter of clearing cache and enhancing its operational capability, the smartphone has automatic as well as manual cleaning option. It also has Moves Section that toggles varied gestures and motion live. Certainly, it is quite a wonderful phone that identified technology at its best.