Sending An Email To Undisclosed Recipients In Outlook

There are instances where we might have to send an email to not just one but multiple recipients, which means we have to add more than one email address on the “To” field when composing an email and send the message to them — all at once.


However, what if we don’t want them to see each other’s email addresses? Others might also want to keep their email addresses confidential, with only you knowing about them. What do you do?

In these situations, sending emails to undisclosed recipients is the right thing for you to do. If this seems new to you, this guide will completely teach you everything about it in detail.

1. Launch the Outlook application on your device.

You can now send an email to multiple email addresses without disclosing their personal information after adding Undisclosed recipients to your Outlook account. To begin, open your Outlook application on the device and then proceed with the steps listed below.

2. Click on the “New Email” button from the ribbon bar.

First, you have to select the “New Email” button to open a new window to write your message for the recipients.

3. In the “To” field, type “Undisclosed Recipients.”

When you compose an email, there is a “To” field where you should enter the email addresses or names of the recipients; however, to hide their contact information, you type “Undisclosed Recipients” and select from Outlook’s suggested contact list.

4. Select “Bcc” above the subject line.

Aside from the send button, three other buttons should be present: To, Cc, and Bcc. You should then click on the “Bcc” button.

However, the Bcc button is not automatically included, so if you do not see it, click “Options” from the menu bar, click the ellipsis on the rightmost side, and select “Bcc” from the drop-down menu.

5. Choose the addresses that you want to send an email then click “Bcc.”

The contact list of your undisclosed recipients will be displayed in the pop-up window, and you must highlight the contact information and specific addresses of all your chosen recipients, after which, at the bottom of the window, click the “Bcc” toggle.

6. Click the “OK” button to save changes.

If you are convinced that all of the information is entirely right and you have already clicked the “Bcc” button, click “OK” at the lower-right corner of the window to commit your changes.

7. Compose the message then click “Send.”

After entering and organizing all of your recipients’ information and details, all that remains is for you to construct the message and click “Send.”

Guide Summary

Every time you send an email to undisclosed recipients, it’s better to include your email in the “To” field because this helps the email not go directly into the spam folders. Also, you must be careful about the number of recipients you include as recipients; note that there are limitations to it.

Keep that in mind together with the steps discussed in this guide, and I’m sure you’re ready to handle sending emails to numerous recipients much better now!