How To Send or Share Your TikTok Videos on WhatsApp

Millions of people use TikTok daily. For the fourth quarter of 2018, TikTok managed to climb on the top. It was the most popular social media app beating famous giants like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

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While these apps are different from each other, they still have a huge influence. TikTok is all about creating fun and engaging videos. It is full of skits, challenges, dances, and various other content. With its creativity and uniqueness, TikTok managed to achieve remarkable success. Now, it is one of the most influential marketing areas. 

But, that doesn’t mean that Influencers only focus on creating their content in TikTok. In fact, to gain more views or likes, it is important to share your content on other social media platforms. Everything is interconnected. To get more views, you have to share your videos with the world. To do that, you have to know-how. 

Of course, even if you are not in a competitive mood, and you only want to share your content on other social media apps, it is important to know how you can do it. More precisely, how to share your content on WhatsApp. 

Since many newcomers often find it difficult to share their content, they can’t get more likes. That’s why we have decided to make this easy guide for you. Everyone has to start somewhere. And for those who want to share their content, this is how they can do it. 

How to Send a TikTok Video in WhatsApp

If you want to share your creative videos with the rest of the world, you have to rely on other social media platforms as well. It can be a bit tricky for some people to find the share option. That’s why we will help you with this simple step-by-step guide. 

To start sharing your videos on WhatsApp here is what you should do. Just follow these steps, and you will share your videos in no-time. There are two options you can choose from. 

This is the first option.

Step 1

Open your TikTok app and look for the “Share” option on the right side of the screen. Check this screenshot to know which button to press. 

Step 2

 Once you press the “Share” option, a different menu will pop up. This is the “Share to” menu. From here, you can choose whatever you want to do with your video. To share it on WhatsApp, simply press on the WhatsApp icon. Like on the screenshot below. 

And now we will show you the second option to share your video. 

Step 1

Open your TikTok app and go to the same “Share to” menu. But, instead of picking the WhatsApp icon, you can select “Save Video.” The app will download the video on your device. See the screenshot below. 

Step 2

 Now, open your WhatsApp profile. Update your status to share your new video.

Step 3

 Select the video you downloaded from the available options. Once you select the video, you can go ahead and share it. That’s it!


Sharing your content on other social media sites is very easy to do. Now you know how to do it. Everyone can see your awesome content across various platforms. The same applies to share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The more you share your videos, the more people will start watching them. This is the best way to get more views, likes, and followers.