How To Send a Link To a Stream in Twitch

It is true that when you can share your hobbies, they become more fun. Well, the same thing goes with gaming. So, how can one show off the game skill? The best way to do this by streaming your gameplay. When it comes to choosing the best game streaming platform, you will not find a better place than Twitch.  By streaming on this fantastic platform, you can reach a potentially massive audience. It has emerged as the best streaming platform in this world. Whether you are a fan of shooting game, driving game, etc., this is a perfect platform to present your gameplay skill in front of the world.

Here you will get to know about how to add links to your twitch channel. Before moving into that let’s know some datils bout Twitch and its amazing features.

About twitch

It is a live video game streaming service having more than 150 million visitors per month. For some gamers, streaming their gameplay on Twitch has become a daily job. When you log in, you will find some recommended streams, popular clips, videos, and categories. In the browse section, you can find a lot more channels and games. Even though the platform was developed for gamers, not it hosts other videos such as talk shows, artworks, music, cooking, and more.

There are In Real Life Channel where people can have a glimpse of their favorite players. Besides watching and streaming, it also lets the users follow and chat with other users. Users can purchase the Twitch Prime Membership, which comes with lots of features.

However, you want to stream your gameplay on this platform, you need to open a Twitch account which is free, and software to broadcast the game you will be playing. If you want to stream from the PC, you will have to get software like Xsplit, OBS Gameshow Liv, etc.

Check your specifications

Streaming consumers a lot of memory of your system. So, make sure that your PC can handle the process. Talking about the recommended specs,

  • You must have Windows 7 and higher version (Windows 10 will work great).
  • 8 GB of RAM.
  • Intel Core i5 processor or similar processor.
  • A graphic card which can support DirectX 10 and higher.

Why should you add links in your Twitch channel?

Twitch has become a perfect platform for game streamers to earn some money. That’s why you need to make sure that you have added different links through which you can collect money. When viewers find streamers that they like, they can donate them. It motivates them to stream frequently. Here you will get to know how to add a donation link in your Twitch channel. So, let’s get started with it.

Ways to configure Donation

For this, you can use different third-party services. One of such service is Donorbox. This is simple and easy-to-configure donation software. It lets you accept donations from your channel’s viewers through PayPal, Credit card, bank transfer, and more. More than 8,000 non-profit companies are using this software. You can add a donation link to the Twitch channel by linking Donorbox donation page.

The process to set up a donation link with donation button

Step 1:

First, you need to find and save an image which you can later use as your donation button.  You can select any image you can. But keep it visible and attractive to attract viewers. If you want to edit the image, you can use Donorbox dashboard to edit any image.


Step 2:

Now its time to link the Donorbox Donation form. For this first log in to your Twitch account. Then choose Channel. On your Twitch channel page, you will find Edit Panels option. If the option is turned off, then switch it to On. Then you will see a Plus sign on the right side of your screen.


Step 3:

Now click on Plus sign. Then Click on Add an Image Panel to add a photo.


Step 4:

Now go to the Donorbox dashboard and copy the link.


Step 5:

Once you copied the link, you need to paste the link into the box with Image Links to option. There you need to type a short description. After that, click on Submit. That’s it.

Step 6:

You have successful added donation link to your Twitch account. By clicking on the link, the viewers can donate online. The donated amount will go to your bank account.


You can add different links by following these steps. However, different options require a different process. Just follow them carefully, and you can add the clickable links in Twitch.