How To See Who your Twitch Viewers Are

Twitch is a perfect place for all the video game streamers. This fantastic platform lets you stream your games for the audience so that they can enjoy the game. It is not just a streaming platform; it lets you earn money by steaming your gameplays. But you need to be a professional player and make sure you are playing well to engage your viewers in your chat section.

However, this article will tell how one can check the Twitch stats to know how many viewers are watching a player during live streaming. But before moving into that, you must have a clear idea about Viewer Count and Viewer List. So, let’s begin with it.

Understanding the difference between the Viewer List and Viewer Count

Viewer Count

Talking about Viewer count, it shows the exact number of viewers watching your live stream. It includes unregistered viewers and Twitch users watching you live. As viewers go and come, the viewer count number will fluctuate. To see this, you can check the red number below the video on your Twitch channel.

Viewer List

It enables you to know the number of people who are connected to your chat. Here you can only see the Twitch registered users and inactive users at that moment. The viewer list remembers all the users who visited and currently on your channel. To check this, you can click the button located next to the Setting, at the bottom side of the chatbox.

How to check the viewer count of your Twitch account

  1. To see your viewers, count, you need first to create your stream labs account. This is a free tool which comes with a lot of add-ons and elements to offer you the best streaming experience.
  2. Once done, open your Stream labs account.
  3. On the stream labs dashboard, you will find the Viewer count option. Click on it.


4. Now you can see viewer count on its viewer count overlay.

The process to get the Twitch viewer count URL

  1. When you are on Viewer count section, make the required adjustments as per your preference.
  2. When done, click on Save Settings option.
  3. Now scroll up and click on Copy option. It lets you copy your Twitch viewer URL to your computer’s clipboard. Copy the URL and paste it in notepad.
  4. Now it’s time to add the URL to OBS. So open OBS and click on Plus icon. You can find the icon on the Sources tab.


5. A list with different option will pop up on your screen. From the list choose Brower.


6. Now put a new name for the source. Suppose you give it Twitch Viewer Count. Then click on, OK.


7. After that, a new window will come up. There you need to put the copied viewer count URL. You will find a lot of options that you can modify. It is optional. So, if you want, then leave the field blank.


8. After that, click on the OK option. That’s it.


Now you can easily view your Twitch viewer count through OBS stream. It is quite easy to do.

Understanding viewer counts through the Channel Analytics tool

Twitch offers you its channel analytic tool through which you can understand about your viewers. It provides a full list of viewer stats, such as maximum viewers number, time spent by the viewers on your channel and more.

  1. Average Viewers: It explains the number of viewers who have watched your complete stream.
  2. Live view: It shows the number of viewers that you had during the stream.
  3. New Followers: Total number of new viewers visited your stream.
  4. Max Viewers: It reflects the maximum number of viewers for your game stream.
  5. Unique Viewers: The number of viewers who viewed your streaming through their devices such as phones, PC, or laptops.
  6. Minutes Watched: Total time viewers have spent watching the live stream.
  7. Average Stream Length: It reflects the average duration of the live game stream.
  8. Time Streamed: The total time you have spent on streaming.
  9. Average Chat Messages: Number of messages you have received during the streaming.


By accessing data of all these categories, you can evaluate which game stream had the maximum viewer count. By analyzing the stats, you can easily focus your time on game streaming that had received the highest views. Don’t waste your time on streaming, which has received a lower number of viewers. Change the parts which don’t help in getting the result you are looking for. If you want to earn some right amount of money, and then analyze the data, move wisely, and make a proper execution.