How To See Who Joins Your Stream On Mixer

Mixer is gaining popularity steadily and seems set to overtake Twitch at some point in the near future. With seamless integration with Windows 10 and Xbox One, part of the battle is already over and with more streamers leaving Twitch to join Mixer it’s a lively place to be. That said, it isn’t perfect and there are a few ways it could improve the lives of streamers. One of those ways is to make it easier to see who joins your stream on Mixer.

Mixer is owned by Microsoft which is how it’s ready to work with Windows 10 and Xbox One. It works in much the same way as Twitch. You can stream games, videos, chats, short films or whatever you like from your network to the world and have them comment and enjoy.

Mixer has one significant advantage if you do use Windows or Xbox. You don’t need to set up OBS or other streaming program in order to stream. Using the Game Bar, you can set up your stream and go live in less than ten minutes. I have used OBS for years and it’s very straightforward to use but is an extra piece of software and setup you need to do to get it all working.

See who joins your stream on Mixer

Even though the majority of the Mixer experience is the same on Windows and on Xbox, there are a couple of key differences. One is in the information you get to see on the different machines. When you’re streaming on a PC, you can see who joins your stream, who comments, who tips and all that good stuff. You don’t get to see that on Xbox. Not at the moment anyway.

On a PC, your audience is displayed on the right of your screen and their comments scroll as you’re used to with Twitch. If you want to see who joins your stream and follow the chat, you’ll need to use your phone or tablet. The Mixer app is available for Android and iOS and you’ll need it to be able to see chat on your stream.

  1. Install the app on your device.
  2. Log into the app using the same username as your stream.
  3. Open the stream within the app.
  4. Select the eye icon in the top right or the number that signifies viewers.

You should then see the chat on your stream on the app. You can continue streaming and playing on the Xbox but you’ll have to monitor your phone or tablet to follow chat.

Audience engagement in Mixer

Knowing who is watching and chatting on your stream is an essential part of engagement. The more you engage with your audience, the more likely they are to subscribe and perhaps tip. Streaming is all about sharing and engaging with the people you’re streaming to. It isn’t a one-way street, you play, they watch and comment and have some banter at the same time. The more you engage with them, the more of a relationship you build with them. This is how all the big streamers gain such large followings.

Here are some engagement tips for growing your Mixer audience

Chat often

Even though you might be trying to stay alive in your game, you still need to chat with your audience. You may need to wait for pause points in games but make sure to chat and chat often. Make sure to configure your webcam to show your face and keep the chat going even when you’re trying to concentrate on the game.

Let lurkers lurk

A common mistake I see with new streamers is calling out arrivals into their channel or having a bot do the same. That’s bad form and a good way to put people off visiting. Sometimes people just want to watch without engaging. Sometimes they may not be able to engage. They may be on the bus, train, in class, at work or somewhere they cannot talk or type furiously into a chat box.

Get a good mic

Most webcams come with a mic but they are usually not that great. If you watch some of the top streamers, they will use either a good quality headset mic or a standalone mic. If you’re going to be taking your streaming seriously, do the same. The standalone mics are often higher quality but cost money. They offer clarity and hands-free operation so are worth it if you’re going to become a regular streamer.

Chatting is an integral part of streaming and something we often take for granted. That’s fine if you’re using Mixer with PC as you can do it all within the same window. Xbox isn’t so well designed so you’ll have to use the app to get it all working. Good luck with your stream!