How To Record A Discord Chat

Do you want to record your audio or video from Discord calls? Whether you need the recording for a project or a podcast, you can do it with an audio recorder. Recording your calls has never been easier. 

The first thing you will need is an audio recorder. You can use any, but we have selected one that is very simple to use. Download the audio recorder and record your calls. There are plenty of different programs available for download, but for this guide, we have chosen OBS. This is free software that is very easy to use. 

All you have to do is follow these simple steps and you will record your calls in no-time. Here is how you can record Discord calls for free. 

Step 1

Go ahead and set your Discord call. Start with the call you want to record. Call the person or a group. Your Discord app must be running in the background so that you can record the call. 

If you want to record both the audio and video, all you have to do is turn the camera on or off. To toggle the camera select on the camera button next to the “Leave call” red button in the middle of the call screen. See the screenshot below if you can’t find it. 

If you don’t want to record the video, go ahead and turn off the camera. Now you are ready to start recording. 

 Step 2

Next, open the OBS program. When you open the program, this is the window you are going to see. There are plenty of features for you to try out, but, we are going to choose the one we came here for, and that is recording. 

On the right side of the menu, press on the second option from the top “Start Recording”. If you are trying to record a video, your Discord should be set to full screen. Otherwise, the video screen will be too small, and the recording won’t look good. 

But, if you want to record only the call, you just press on the “Start Recording” button and that’s it. To stop the recording, press on the same button that has now turned into a “Stop Recording” option and the app will not record the call anymore. 

Step 3

Before or after you’ve recorded the Discord calls, you will want to know where your recording is. To do it, you need to know where your recorded material is going. It is a good idea to save the video somewhere easy to access. You can make a folder or save it on your desktop. 

 To do that, go to the “Settings” menu. 

Step 4

 Press on “Output” then “Recording”. See the screenshot below. 

Step 5

Select “Recording Path”. Choose a folder where you want the program to save your recording. This way, you can immediately find the recording without searching through all the folders. 


If you have trouble figuring out how to record calls, don’t worry. Recording your calls is a piece of cake, especially if you have an audio recorder to help you do it. You can use this material however you see fit. You can edit it or send it to friends. It is up to you. 

Just follow all the steps above and you will start recording in a couple of seconds. Hopefully, you found this guide helpful.