Quick Steps To Show Speaker Notes While Presenting In Google Slides

The normal way of presenting is simply showing your viewers or audience the slides on your entire screen. However, what if there was a much better way of presenting you could try? If you haven’t tried it yet, then I’m suggesting that you try presenting with speaker notes as early as now.


In both the academic and business aspects, presenting with speaker notes is often utilized to teach, instruct, inform, and educate effectively. Thus, whether you’re a businessman or a professor at a certain university, this is something you could apply to. Here’s the detailed guide for you to follow in successfully presenting with speaker notes in Google Slides.

1. Open Google Slides and select the work that you will present.

Go to google slides and browse through all your existing works. From there, choose which one you need to present, but if you still have nothing to present, create one first.

2. Click the “Presenter View” on the top right of your screen.

If your work is ready to be presented to your viewers without the notes, simply click the present button. However, if you want your audience to see the speaker notes, select the drop-down arrow beside the “Present” button on the upper right corner of your screen, then select the “presenter view” option.

3. A new window will appear where the speaker notes is located.

Selecting the Presenter View option will bring up a pop-up window containing all of your notes, which you may share with your audience. The presentation would be far more engaging than normal in this manner.

4. Adjust the size of the speaker note during presentation.

If you believe the current text size is too tiny for your audience to see clearly, you can click the plus symbol in the upper right corner of the presenter view window to expand the text size. If you wish to reduce the size of the text, simply click on the minus symbol until you reach your preferred size.

Additional Features in the Presenter View

Aside from being able to present with speaker notes, there is still a lot more you can do in Presenter View. To know more about it, check out all the information laid out below:

1. You can time your whole presentation.

On the upper left side of your presenter view screen, there is a running time you can pause and resume anytime. This allows you to track how long you’re presentation has been running already, thus, you’ll easily know when to pause or end it whenever there’s a time limit for it.

2. Jumping from one slide to another is easier.

There is an option where you can select to show your audience a slide that’s much farther than the next one. Simply click on the slide number and it will automatically direct you there.

3. Convenient way to see your audience’s questions.

If you want your presentation to be more interesting and engaging, the Presenter View option is perfect for you because it allows your viewers to ask you questions through the “Audience Tool.”

Key Points

Now that you’ve learned a lot about how to present with speaker notes in Google Slides, I’m sure the next time you’ll have a presentation will be much easier for you to handle already! With speaker notes, not only do you help your audience or readers understand the message you intend to relay easily. Try it now and improve the way you deal with your audience!