Quick And Easy Steps To Block Someone On Outlook

Platforms that provide email services such as Gmail and Outlook commonly help us communicate professionally with different businesses, companies, and other similar things. However, that’s not everything our email accounts contain because whenever we connect them to several apps, software, and platforms, they’re most likely to slide their email advertisements into our inboxes too.


We may have subscribed to multiple newsletters, hence the high quantity of emails we receive per day, which causes our email lists to pile up. And when this happens, essential or priority emails may tend to get buried somewhere with the spam emails and other promotions and may become difficult to find.

Therefore, the best solution you can do to avoid this is to block the email addresses that send you too much email daily or, generally, those who you want to stop receiving emails from.

I’ve already laid out the detailed process for you below; all you have to do is start reading now!

Blocking the Email Address

This option is best if you want a more direct and immediate way to block an undesired sender. Also, if you only want to block a specific sender, this is the ideal option.

1. Open the Outlook application on your computer.

To begin, you must first open the Outlook application on your device’s screen.

2. Open an email from the Sender you want to block.

Search through your Outlook mailbox for an email or message from the unwanted sender. If you choose the email correctly, it will be displayed on your screen.

3. Click Home in the menu bar then select the three horizontally stacked dots.

If the email from the unwanted sender is already visible on your screen, choose “Home” in the menu bar of Outlook, then click the three horizontally stacked dots on the leftmost side of the toolbar. When you click this, a drop-down menu will appear.

4. Select the “Junk” option from the drop-down menu then click on “Block Sender.”

The drop-down menu is divided into three sections: Move & Delete, Respond, and Speech. Select “Junk” under the Move & Delete area and wait for a little menu option to emerge. From there, you must click “Block Sender” to open up a new window.

5. Click “OK” from the new small window that appeared.

The pop-up window will ask for your approval to block a specific sender, and clicking “OK” would complete the process.

Creating a Block List

If you have a lengthy list of persons or senders you wish to block, this is the preferable alternative for you because it would be much more difficult to click on their emails one at a time and block them. In this method, all you have to do is type their email addresses and block them all at once.

1. On the navigation bar, click the “Home” option, then the three horizontally stacked dots.

After launching the Outlook application, go directly to the menu bar then select the “Home” option. Afterward, click on the three dots located at the end of the toolbar, and this will give you a drop-down menu.

2. Select “Junk” then “Junk E-mail Options” which will open a new window.

Click on “Junk” from the little menu options. This will bring up another drop-down menu, from which you must select “Junk E-mail Options,” and a new window will open on your screen.

3. Click “Blocked Senders” in the menu bar of the new window.

Click on “Blocked Senders” in the new window’s menu bar, and the contents displayed on the screen will change.

4. Select the “Add” button on the right side of the window.

To enter the email addresses of the undesired senders, click the “Add” button to open a little pop-up box.

5. A new small window will open where you can enter the email addresses of the people you want to block.

Enter the unwanted sender’s email address in the little pop-up window, then click “OK.” Repeat this process until you’ve blocked everyone you want to.

Key to a Well-Managed Email Inbox

As Outlook users, we cannot get away from spam messages. Probably, it’s because there are times where we’re not aware of whatever it is we’re clicking or just often open random websites that are capable of getting our emails and other data well. Thus, if you don’t want to keep blocking unwanted senders from your email list, try to be preemptive by minding when to put your data on various websites.

In this way, you can lessen your chances of receiving spam emails and promotional emails you don’t actually want to see!