Putting An Image To Back In Google Slides

Whether we like to make photo albums or creative reports and presentations —both for academic and business purposes— Google Slides is a very efficient tool we could use. Not only does it have features that are easy to use, you can also do a lot of things by simply exploring the elements.


Moving on, I’m sure that when your goal is to make a presentation engaging and entertaining, we have this tendency to add images or videos to help the audience visualize thoughts. However, sometimes it’s actually difficult to manage them and achieve a great layout, especially when there are also inserted text in the same slide. The text or the image may not be positioned well inside the slide and is not layered properly.

If this is also one of the problems you’re having a hard time with, there’s nothing fo you to worry about anymore because in this article, we’ll teach you about how to easily send an image to back so as not to block the text and other similar elements on the slide.

Inserting an Image

Before you can begin with fixing the layering of your images in Google Slides, you must initially know about properly inserting an image. If you’re not so familiar with the process, then taking a look at the steps below can greatly help you.

1. Open the presentation you’re working on in Google Slides.

Of course, the first thing you have to do is open the presentation you wish to edit in Google Slides. After that, click on the slide where you want to insert an image.

2. Select “Insert” in the menu bar and click Image.

Look into the menu bar on your screen and select “Insert”. You’ll be shown a lot of options afterward, but make sure that you only click “Image” like the one encircled in the picture below.

3. Choose which photo you want to upload.

Now, you can directly upload a picture from your computer if you have it saved there. Otherwise, you may choose to simply search the web for the image you’re looking for or insert it from your Google Drive, Photos, By URL, or Camera.

Once you’ve uploaded, it will automatically be added to the slide you’re on.

Sending an Image to Back

Now that you have an image in your slide, the only problem you’ll be dealing with would be how to layer it together with the text or other images you may have added. We can help you achieve that in this section by learning about how to put an image behind the text or another image.

1. Click on the image you want to edit.

Click on the image you want to put under a certain element. To make sure that you’ve clicked it, a blue outline with 4 boxes on its corners must show.

2. Right-click on your mouse and click “Order”.

Simply right-click on your mouse and from among the options shown, just click on “Order”.

3. Select “Send to Back”.

You can choose from among the options — bring to front, bring forward, send backward, and send to back. Since your goal is to send the image to back, you can simply select the “Send to back” option.

4. Adjust the position of your image.

It will immediately be below the element and in the case of the example below, it’s text. If you’re not satisfied with how your image and text is positioned in the slide, you can still freely move them around until you achieve the layout you desire.


Now that you know how to insert an image and fix the layering of your added image, then I’m sure editing and creating a good presentation in Google Slides would now be a lot easier for you. There are more tools you can use to improve how you want your presentation to look, such as curving the text, adding a border or frame to your image, and many more.

However, we won’t cover that in this article. Still, I hope this guide can be a lot useful for you!