November 2015

  1. Passwords
  2. Deleted Email
  3. HTML email
  4. A Little News From the Web


1. Passwords

Do you recognise any of these passwords.common-passwords

If so then you need to rethink your password strategy.

If you’re email gets hacked then the hacker can cause serious damage. Take a look at this example of what can happens.Then take a look at this simple password security article and make you email more secure.

2. Have you Really Deleted that Email

You’ve pressed the delete key, and the email disappears from your inbox, but it isn’t really deleted ?

When you delete email most email clients will move the email into the deleted items folder and leave it there.

Some clients (e.g Gmail web client) will automatically remove the email from the deleted items folder after a certain period (e.g 30 days).

However most email clients require that you manually empty the deleted items folder.

Email removed from the deleted items folder is permanently deleted.

You should manually empty your deleted items folder on a regular basis as it can become very large as shown below.


3. Why use HTML Email?

HTML email is email formatted like a web page such that anything that you see on a web page can also be sent as an email.

This enables you to send/receive much fancier/colourful emails than you could by using plain text emails

HTML email does however have some drawbacks: – It is normally much larger than plain text , and can contain viruses and tracking code. It is also not universally supported.

Having said that most people today send and receive HTML email. It is usually the default for most email clients.

4. A Little News From the Web

Google will merge chrome OS and android.

Microsoft really want you to upgrade to Windows 10.


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