November 2015 -Issue 2

How to Make Your Text Bigger?

If you are having difficulty reading your email you should remember that it is possible to change the size of the text.

If you are using the web mail interface (web browser) then you need to change the text size on your browser.

For Firefox Go to View>Zoom and Zoom in. Alternatively use the keyboard short cut ctrl and + . Tip- enable Zoom text only.


Note keyboard short cut works on Google Chrome and explorer

On Outlook 2003) then go to View>Text size


You can also change the size of the text in your sent emails.

In Yahoo Mail go to settings>writing email and change it under font settings.

This will change it for all emails that you send.


You can change it on individual emails by clicking on the font icon at the bottom of the compose window.


Keyboard Short Cuts

If you are the type of user that likes to use the keyboard more than the mouse then you might want to try using some short cuts. with Yahoo Mail

For example with Yahoo Mail, to create a new message type N to save a draft message type Ctrl +S and the send a message type Ctrl +Enter.

You can find a list of Yahoo mail short cuts here.

Here is a list of windows live mail shortcuts

Email Address Fields

If you send email to multiple recipients it is very important that you understand how to use the to, cc and bcc fields correctly.

To: This is for people that the email directly affects,and that you expect some form or action from e.g. a reply. Generally there should be only one address on the to line.

CC: (carbon copy) The cc line is normally used for people who need to be informed, but don’t need to take any action.

BCC: The bcc (blind carbon copy) line is used people who need to be informed,don’t need to take any action, and that you don’t want other recipients to know about.

It is also used when sending to large mailing Lists as a reply to all doesn’t get sent to any email addresses that were on the bcc line.

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