December 2015

December 2015 –

Printing Emails In Yahoo

To print an individual email in the web based client open the email and click more then select the print option or open the email and hit P on the keyboard to print.


There doesn’t appear to be a way of printing multiple messages using the web based client.

Sending Large Attachments

Email wasn’t designed for sending very large files across the Internet. However because of its ease of use it has become the main method that most people use to send photos and files across the Internet.

All email providers impose size limits on email with 20MB being probably average.

Over the years the size of the files people want to send has increased dramatically, and so alternative mechanisms have been developed that integrate with email but overcome the size limits imposed by the email network.

These mechanisms use email to send a link to the file, but use the http protocol to transfer the file outside of the email system.

One of the most popular system is Dropbox, and it integrates with Yahoo mail. See sending email using yahoo and Dropbox.

What are Email Signatures and Why are they Used?

Email signatures are repetitive messages that are added to the bottom of your emails. Signatures can be simple text signatures or HTML signatures containing graphics and even

They tend to be used for adding company details like phone number ,
address etc. With HTML signatures you can even add a location map.

Almost all client support email signatures.

Here are the setup instructions for windows live mail, Yahoo email and Gmail.

Here is a Microsoft tutorial covering email signatures and outlook 2010.

What is the difference between a Mailbox and Inbox ?

A mailbox is a collection of folders for storing email messages.

It consists of several folders like sent mail, inbox, drafts, Outbox etc.

New folders can normally be added to the mailbox for organising email.

The Inbox is just one of the folders contained in the mailbox, and is the default location for all received email.

Out of Office Replies/Replies?

Holiday season is approaching and many people will be tempted to us out of office replies to inform friends that they aren’t available to respond to emails.

Before you do you should be aware that it represents a security issue and you should be very careful what you put in yours. See this article

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