Moving From Gmail To Outlook.Com

If you are considering moving from Gmail to for example then there are several things you will need to consider and decide upon.

The most important one is what will you do with the old email messages.

You can decide to:

  • Leave the emails on the old account.
  • Move the emails to the new email account.

Leaving the Email Messages

This is an option if you don’t need them any more or if you will continue to access the old account after the move.

Retaining access to the old account is common practice following a move as it gives you the opportunity of catching important emails that have been sent to the old address.

Moving Messages Using The  Migration Tool

Microsoft make it very easy to move from Gmail to by providing a migration tool.

The tool will import your emails and contacts from Google Gmail into

Click on Settings and choose options from the menu.

Click in import email accounts:

And select Google  from the list.

If you have already imported from Google Gmail you will see the account listed.

You can re-import if you wish (but beware of duplicate emails) or import from another Gmail account.

You can import the emails into your inbox or create a new folder structure for them. I prefer to create a new folder.

You will then need to sign into your Gmail account and then verify access permissions.
If you are moving from Gmail to outlook then normally you will arrange for any new messages that go to the old Gmail address to be automatically forwarded to your account.

The import utility prompts you to enable the forwarding
The import should now start.


You should see an import icon at the top right of your screen.


If you enable the import into folder option then the messages are created in a separate folder structure under your inbox.

The migration tool also imports your contacts. If you click on the menu icon and then click people

You should see all of your Gmail contacts have been imported.

Moving Messages Using Other Tools

You can move email messages using other migration utilities and also using an email client connected to both mailboxes (very common method).

Contacts can be moved using an exported csv file.

After The Move

Unless you continue to access your Gmail account it will become inactive.

You should

  • Send a message to all of your contatcs to notify the of the new email address.
  • Change any logins that you have that used the old email to the new email address. For example if you accessed amazon using the the Gmail account then change it to the new account
  • Monitor your old Gmail inbox to ensure that you aren’t getting important emails delivered there. It may take several months of monitoring to be sure.

Common Questions and Answers

Q- What happens to my old email address on Gmail.Will it be recycled?

A- My understanding is that currently Gmail doesn’t recycle old email addresses but that could change.

Q- How long after the move can I retain access to my old Gmail mailbox.

A- As long as you want provided you continue to login to the old account on a periodic basis.

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