Moving Emails,Email Accounts And Addresses

move-email-computerChanging email providers, Buying a new computer, tablet or smart phone are all everyday occurrences, and common reasons for needing to move email.

How you, and what you move will be determined by a number of factors.

  • Source and destination email clients you are using or want to use.
  • Size of your Inbox
  • Email Protocols you currently use to access your email accounts.

Because of the many different requirements it is impossible to provide a single guide that covers every scenario.

The purpose of the tutorial is to provide a general overview, and links to tutorials and videos that cover common scenarios.

What needs Moving?

Generally you may need to :

Changing Email Providers

Common Questions and Answers

Q- Should you cancel your old email Address when the move is complete?

A- Not unless you have to e.g. it is a paid account. It is a good idea to leave it about 6 months to make sure it is inactive.

Q- Can I keep my old email address when I move from Yahoo to Gmail etc in the same way as when I move mobile providers?

A- No, but you don’t have to give up the old address if you don’t want to, and can still use it as a secondary address.

Q- What happens to my old email address. Will it be recycled?

A- Some providers will recycle old email addresses after a certain period after cancellation.

Q- How long after the move can I retain access to my old mailbox.

A- As long as you want provided you continue to login to the old account on a periodic basis.

Q- I’m moving broadband provider do I need to change my email address?

A- It depends on whether or not your email is being provided by your current broadband provider. If it is you will need to change it.

Change Email Accounts

Move Email Messages

Common Questions and Answers:

Q- Can I use POP3 instead of IMAP4 to move email messages?

A- Yes but this will only export your inbox

Q- What Happens to the email messages on The original mailbox

A- They are still there and you can still use your original mailbox account as normal.

Q- Will the export take along time?

A- It all depends on the size of the mailbox/folders. I recently moved a 700MB inbox from one host to another host in less than 15 minutes.

Q- Are there export tools available?

A- Yes there a online providers like Yippie Move and desktop tools like imapsync

Q- Will email attachments be exported?

A- Yes as they are part of the message

Change Email Addresses or Contacts

Common Questions and Answers

  1.  I get errors when importing a contact list that I exported . – You may need to edit the csv file to match what Yahoo expects. See this Article on how to create a csv file may help.
  2. How can I find out what header fields Yahoo uses? Do an export from Yahoo and look at the csv file. Use this header for the import header.

Change Email Clients and or Computers

Common Questions and Answers

Q- How do I know if I’m using POP3 or IMAP4?

A- On your email client go to your email account and look at the properties. If you see an IMAP tab then the account is using IMAP otherwise it is using POP3.


Q- I’m using IMAP do I need to synchronise emails to the new computer to read them?

A- No synchronising emails keeps a local copy so you can access them off line. If you don’t need off line access then there is no need for a local copy.