How To Link To A TikTok Video

TikTok, like most social networks, is all about the sharing. Sharing videos, opinions, comments, yourself and the interchange of ideas and opinions. Some social networks make that easy while others seems to have a harder time encouraging that sharing. TikTok is one of the former, making it about as easy as it gets to share links to TikTok videos, profiles and more.

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TikTok seemingly came out of nowhere, taking over which was fairly popular and elevating far and above what it was. While insanely popular in Asia, the westernized version has also become incredibly popular here in the west with over a million downloads.

Part of that popularity is ease of use. TikTok is incredibly easy to use and will take you just minutes to get to grips with. It will take much longer to master but the basics of navigating, liking and linking will take seconds.

Link to a TikTok video

Presumably you want to share your TikTok video outside of the platform and you need a URL to do it. That, like most things within the app is very straightforward.

  1. Open a TikTok video you want to share.
  2. Select the arrow icon on the right side of the video.
  3. Select the social network you want to share it or Copy Link.
  4. Paste the URL into an SMS, WhatsApp, iMessage or whatever.

That’s all there is to sharing a link to a TikTok video. The recipient will be taken into TikTok if they have the app or shown the video in a browser if they don’t. If they do use TikTok, you may find it easier just to send the link from within TikTok. You will be able to select a contact within that share menu, just hit Send and the app will send the URL to the contact.

You also have the option to SMS or email the link directly if you prefer.

Link to your TikTok profile

You can also link to your TikTok profile and share that. This is useful if you’re sharing your profile with someone on the app you don’t know to make it easier for them to follow you. They could use search but that might take a minute or two but sharing a link means you’re there in seconds.

  1. Navigate to your TikTok profile.
  2. Select the three dot menu icon on your profile page.
  3. Select Share Profile and then Copy Link.
  4. Send the URL to anyone using your messenger of choice.

To share your profile, just paste the URL into the messaging app you want to use. It will work with any of them so you’re good there.

You can also share you profile on other social networks. You will see Messenger, Twitter, Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp and other options in the same popup window that lets you Copy Link. If you use those networks, select the corresponding icon and you can share your TikTok profile with your friends on those networks.

Link your TikTok to Instagram

TikTok and Instagram can play nicely together so linking the two makes sense if you use them. That way you can quickly share content between the networks to increase your presence with the minimum of effort.

  1. Open your TikTok profile and select Edit Profile.
  2. Select Add Instagram and enter the login information for it.
  3. Select Log In and Save Info to be able to log in faster next time.
  4. Select Authorize when you see the Instagram popup warning of TikTok requests to access your information.

Once authorized, you can quickly share content between the two social networks. You can do the same for YouTube too. You likely saw the option underneath Instagram in the Edit Profile window. The process is the same, allowing you to share videos between TikTok and YouTube which is a good synergy.

You can unlink your account if you change your mind by repeating the above and selecting your Instagram username which replaces Add Instagram. You should then see a popup offering to Unlink.

One thing with sharing content between networks. Don’t become too repetitive. If you share everything every where, people will only ever use one of your networks to the detriment of others. Resharing is a contentious subject and should be done with care. Sharing the same old thing across all your networks is the fastest way to be ignored after a while. Cross-pollination is very useful but use it sparingly and only among original content for each network.