League Of Legends: Best Champions In URF

URF is back and we’re here to help you decide which champions to pick or ban. 


Every now and then, Riot includes a featured game mode in League of Legends. The best one without a doubt is URF or Ultra Rapid Fire. In this game mode, mana is disabled and all spells and abilities, including active items, have a significantly reduced cooldown. This means that you can infinitely spam your abilities to destroy your opponents. 

What makes this game mode so fun is the chaotic frenzy that it whips up. Some champions who are normally considered weak in solo queue can dominate in URF and some champions who are strong in normal games can be quite weak. So, to help you decide, we compiled a list of the best champions you should do your best to get your hands on in URF. 

Master Yi

Everyone’s favorite Wuju swordsman finds himself near the top of the best champions in URF. I mean seriously. Alpha Strike is already spammable as it is with the cooldown reduction from Highlander whenever you take down an enemy champion. Mix that with all the bonus Move Speed and Attack Speed you get from his ultimate, it’s no wonder that he can easily wipe out the enemy team on his own. Plus, since abilities have no mana costs, you can just spam Meditate to heal up so you wouldn’t have to go home and you can keep farming minions to get your items. 


Morgana is an incredibly annoying champion to play against but super fun to play as in URF. Her ability, Dark Binding, can root you in place for up to 3 seconds when maxed out. Normal abilities in URF have a 2 second cooldown in the late game. So Dark Binding would be up and before the root is over. You’ll essentially be rooted in place permanently when Morgana hits you. If that wasn’t annoying enough, her Black Shield ability can block all spells and all forms of crowd control. So, yeah Morgana would be a pain to lane against in URF and could solo carry a game if used right.


If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if mana costs and cooldowns were removed on a caster ADC, then the answer you’re looking for is Lucian in URF. With no restrictions on his abilities, he is free to spam all his long ranged abilities to deal damage and then use his Relentless Pursuit to dash away or to reposition himself during team fights. Ever since they reworked his kit to synergize better with crit, he’s been an absolute monster even in solo queue. 


Just like Lucian, Ezreal is a caster ADC who primarily deals damage using their abilities. But unlike Lucian, Ezreal has a much longer range. Mystic Shot is infinitely spammable and almost feels like a basic attack in URF. His poke with Mystic Shot combined with the blink from Arcane Shift makes Ezreal one of the safest champions to use in URF. The only drawback is that mobile champions can abuse their mobility to dodge Ezreal’s skillshot abilities.


Lulu is hands down the best enchanter in the game. All of her abilities are geared towards empowering your allies, keeping them alive, and giving them additional crowd control. With all the shields and buffs from her kit, your allies will never die in URF. Be careful though as your enemies will probably target you first during fights since you’ll be the primary reason why your team is unkillable.


Kai’Sa is so good in URF because she can be built either AD or AP. If you choose to build AD, she’ll be a very slippery champion who can pop up out of nowhere, kill her enemies, and then disappear without a trace. If you build her AP, she’ll be a very powerful poke mage thanks to her W, Void Seeker which scales very well with Ability Power. Either way, she’s a dominant pick in URF and can be very fun to play as.


Fizz is a champion that has a lot of burst damage. He is an assassin that likes to dip in and out of fights to deal as much damage as possible. Remove all the mana and cooldown restrictions, and Fizz is a recipe for disaster for the enemy team. Not to mention, Fizz’s E, Playful/Trickster, makes him untargetable and makes it easy for him to dodge abilities. Add in all the mobility in his kit and Fizz will be slippery like a fish.


Shaco is already hard to kill enough as he is on solo queue and normal games. His Q, Deceive, allows him to be invisible and teleports to a nearby location. His W, Jack in the Box, lets him summon an invisible trap that fears and attacks enemies when they get near. His ultimate, Hallucinate, briefly makes him untargetable and gives him a clone that explodes into several Jack in the Boxes that attack and fear enemies. Things get ramped up to 100 when you play him in URF. He is one of the most oppressive champions to play against because of the short cooldown on Deceive. Shaco will practically be invisible the entire game.


If you think that a champion like Yuumi who is incredibly reliant on teammates to succeed won’t be a dangerous pick in URF, you’re sorely mistaken. The only reason Yuumi isn’t as dominant in normal games is because of the insane mana costs and long cooldown on her E, Zoomies. Zoomies restores health along with increasing move speed and attack speed to whoever Yuumi is attached to. In URF, Yuumi is essentially giving unlimited heals and buffs to whichever champion she’s attached to. Now, imagine these buffs on champions who can 1v9 like Riven or Irelia. A scary thought indeed.


The best champion in URF is Zed. He has the highest win rate and the highest ban rate out of any champions in this game mode. Anyone who’s played against a really good Zed knows the frustration of dealing with such a mobile champion with incredibly high damage. His ultimate, Death Mark, doubles the damage received by the enemy afflicted with the ability during its duration. Thanks to the unrestrained cooldowns, you can triple or even quadruple the damage Zed deals every time he uses his ultimate. We’d recommend banning this champion unless you know that you can dominate with him.

Sleeper OP Picks

While those listed above are the best picks that you should pick or ban, there are some other champions who are surprisingly strong in URF that don’t get much attention.


Tryndamere seems like an obvious choice for someone who would be strong in a game mode like URF. However, a lot of people seem to be sleeping on him. Being able to spam Spinning Slash combined with the slow from Mocking Shout makes Tryndamere an annoying champion to play against. Try out a burst build with Duskblade of Draktharr or Prowler’s Claw and you’ll see how strong Tryndamere actually is.


Kled has a pretty low win rate compared to some of the champions on this list, sitting at 46%. Don’t let that fool you. Building Kled as a full damage champion on URF can absolutely hard carry a game. All of his abilities are geared to help him stick to his opponents while giving him enough sustain to soak damage. 


Warwick finds himself on this list mostly because of his Q, Jaws of the Beast, which scales with 100% of his ability power and restores up to 90% of the damage dealt as health. Build him full AP and watch your enemies scratch their heads as you heal back the entirety of the damage they dealt.


We have three words for you: Phase Rush Lillia. Her Q, Booming Blows, has a passive that grants increased move speed whenever she hits her abilities. If you build the right items that synergize with Phase Rush and Booming Blows, Lillia will feel like she is permanently ghosted. The percent health damage and the sleep from her ultimate are only icings on the cake.


Trundle seems like a literal troll pick when you use him in URF. After all, his abilities more or less don’t really deal damage but focus on buffing him up and CCing enemies. But don’t let that discourage you from picking Trundle in URF. With all the buffs, heals, and CC he brings, you’ll be surprised that there’s little your opponents can do when you’re on their tail.

So there you have it! These are the best champions to use at URF in League of Legends. Be sure to check back with us again for more guides on your favorite games. Have fun and we’ll see you on the Rift!