Is Google Meet Free And Unlimited?

Due to the coronavirus, it can be quite difficult to meet other people in person nowadays. Lockdowns in various cities and countries due to the pandemic affected classes, business meetings, and social gatherings as well. As a result, a lot of us turn into video conferencing platforms such as Google Meet as one of our means to connect with other people online. With that in mind, Google recently extends the availability of its free video conferencing service until March of 2021.


Back in April, Google announced that the premium video conferencing service, Meet, is available to everyone for a limited amount of time. Previously accessible to G-Suite and Enterprise users only, anyone with a Gmail account can now use the platform to host meetings and classes through video conferences until September 31.

When Google re-engineered their service and made their secure video conferencing service available to everyone, it also increased each call duration to 24 hours. So whether if it’s for business meetings, classes, or virtual dance parties, everyone can enjoy safe video calls without any interruption during the lockdown.

Since then, millions of users rely on Meet to connect with other people online safely. And with the holidays that are just around the corner, Google wants to help everyone that uses their platform to keep in touch with other people through online meetings.

As a result, Google recently extends the free service of Meet until March of 2021. In addition, the update also includes a couple of new experiences to make their platform more fun and productive. Some of these new features allow casting your calls into a TV, blurring your background, or using a virtual whiteboard with your meetings.

If you’re quite new to Google Meet, we’ll introduce you to the platform to get you started.

Google Meet features for free users

While Google Meet doesn’t have a lot of customization options like filters, themes, and backgrounds, its primary features are the ones you might expect on the best video-chatting services out there. For starters, it allows users to start and host an unlimited number of video conferences that can hold up to 100 participants.

With each session that can last up to 24 hours, users would have no problem hosting work-related meetings, dance practices, classes, and other stuff on their platform. And even if you can reach the time limit of a session, you can always create a new one and continue from there.

Some of its other features include adjustable view layouts, screen sharing, live captions, and multi-platform accessibility. With their recent update, they also added background blur, a digital whiteboard, and a few more useful features to make your meetings even more productive.

On top of these meeting features, each session is secure as users need an invitation link or code before they can request to join. In addition, the host can also approve or deny any user that tries to join.

With these features, you can’t deny that Meet is one of the best vide-chatting platforms out there. If you haven’t used Meet yet, you can visit their web platform, download the mobile app, access it through Gmail, or set an event through Calendar to start a meeting.


In efforts to help the users that rely on video conferences to connect with other people online, Google extends the availability of Meet’s free and unlimited version until March 31, 2020. In addition, the recent update also includes new features that can make your virtual meetings more productive and fun.

Now that the free version is available until next year, everyone can continue using Meet for secure and unlimited virtual meetings during the lockdown. And if you want even more features for work or classes, you can always subscribe to a paid plan.

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