Interesting Things To Ask Google Home

Google Home is a great device to have at home. With it, you can control your TV, if it is compatible or you have ChromeCast, or set up an alarm, play music, and check whether. It is a complete virtual assistant. 


If you have other smart devices at home, you can control them with your Google Home. Let’s say that you have a smart controller for the light, and it is compatible with Google Home. You can ask it to either dim and turn on or off your lights! All you need to do is either say “Hey Google” or “Okay Google” out loud before your command. Yes, it is that simple. 

However, Google Home is more than just a virtual assistant. It is a companion, and like any other companion, you can interact with it. But what kind of things can I tell or ask it? But Because of its AI interface, Google Home is capable of answering any question, command, or line that you throw at it. 

You will be surprised by all the hidden things that this device has to offer. It is up to you to discover them; here you will find some questions, curiosities, and interesting things that you can ask to your device.

Jokes, Riddles, and Stories

How doesn’t love a good joke? When you are bored, or you just want a little break, just say “Hey Google! A joke please” and that’s all. In this case, the joke was: “What do you get when you put a vest on an alligator? An investigator. ” Yea, I know, it’s not the best joke of all times; don’t expect them to be. But bad jokes are better than no jokes at all. 

The Riddles are pretty good, and sometimes they are pretty hard. As before, just say “Hey Google, tell me a riddle” Here you will discover how great Google Home is at storytelling. It will transport you to the riddle room and tell some riddle such as “A cowgirl rides into town on Friday, stays for three days, and leaves on Friday; how did she do it?”. In this case, the answer is that her horse’s name is Friday. 

You can ask for all sorts of stories, ranging from ghosts to love stories. Again, you will hear the great storytelling skills of your device. 

Building a Relationship

You can ask some personal questions to your assistant. Don’t worry; it won’t sue you for harassment. For example, you can even ask it to kiss you, or if it is in love. It will even apologize if you tell “You hurt my feelings” to it.

If you are sad, you can ask it to cheer you up. It will sing a song to you, play a game with you, or tell you a fun fact to distract you. But hey! Don’t get too attached. It says this to everyone; there is no need for an HER 2. 

Games and Others

You can ask Google Home to tell you a fun fact or a secret. If you ask nicely, it will even play rock, paper, and scissors game with you!

If you are trying to settle something, and you don’t have a coin, ask Google Home to flip up a coin or roll a dice. It will tell you either side of the coin or the number on the dice.

As you can see, Google Home has several great functionalities. All that is left if for you to find them. Phss! it even has its opinion-whether or not Santa exists.