Inserting And Editing A Checkbox In Google Sheets

Did you know that you can also use Google Sheets as a schedule management tool? That’s right; it may seem unfamiliar since we frequently utilize the app for data tracking and organizing purposes only. Yet, some people do this already. How? You’re about to find out.

Google Sheets

There are a lot of tools and features in Google Sheets that you can utilize and apply in your spreadsheet. With just a bit of exploration and the addition of a few elements, you’ll notice that you can create a unique output—schedules or task trackers, for instance.

If you’re also aiming to create a task list using Google Sheets, the crucial element you have to make use of is the “Tick Box.” It may be something unfamiliar to some, so here’s a guide on how to insert one in Google Sheets.

Adding a Check Box

You can add a check box to your spreadsheet if you want a more organized “To-do list” or when you only want to make your spreadsheet more interactive. To successfully add one, follow these steps.

1. Go to Google sheets, then create a new spreadsheet.

Go to your desktop browser, go over to Google Sheets, and create a new spreadsheet to which you want to add a check box. If you’ve already begun working on it, pick an existing one.

2. Select the cells you want to have a check box.

Click on the cell to which you want to add a check box. To confirm whether you’ve selected it with your cursor, you’ll see a blue outline around the selected cells.

If you want to select more than one cell, you can click a cell then drag down and left or right until you’ve selected the range of cells you want to select.

3. Click “Insert” from the menu bar.

After you’ve selected the cells that you wish to modify, click the “Insert” button in the menu bar to open a drop-down menu.

4. Select “Tick Box” from the drop-down menu.

Select “Tick Box” from the drop-down option. It’s the same as the term Check box, which is more familiar to people, but Google Sheets only uses the former term to label their button.

Formatting the Check Box

You can change the format of the check box to make it more appealing to the viewer’s eyes. Remember that it is simple to edit because you may format it like any other cell in your Google Sheets.

Resizing the Check Box

If you think the check box is too small or too wide for your spreadsheet, you can change its size by selecting the cell that contains the check box you wish to change, then modify the font size in the toolbar.

Changing the Color of the Check Box

To change the color of the check box, click the “Text Colour” icon in the toolbar and pick the color you wish to use in the check box from the selections.

Adding a Background Color for the Check Box

To add a background color to the cell containing the check box, click on the “Fill Colour” symbol and select the color you wish to add to the cell containing the check box.

The Bottom Line

Using Google Sheets can be fun for many, especially those that like to explore and play with elements to create a fun and engaging spreadsheet. Indeed, you might not have known that outputs like “schedules” and “to-do lists” can be made in Google Sheets before reading this guide.

But now that you do why not begin with exploring more about the platform and create something unique using it?