Inserting A Bookmark In Google Docs

Google Docs offers a convenience fit for people who find productivity in it. Imagine being able to do and incorporate things into your output with just a few clicks. However, there are certain instances when some features are beyond one’s knowledge to the point that it hinders one from fully enjoying what Google Docs can offer. 

Google Docs

One of which is having difficulty with finding a specific part of your paper. There are times when you want a certain part to be edited or formatted, but you find it hard to locate it in your paper, especially if there are more than a hundred pages in it. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be much of a problem anymore. With Google Docs’ bookmark feature, you can easily mark a part or even several parts of your paper to locate them easily. Simply follow the steps below to learn more.

Using Your Personal Computer

1. Open your web browser and navigate to Google Docs.

Before you officially begin inserting the bookmark itself, make sure that you’re on the Google Docs website first. To do that, open your web browser and go to Google Docs. Log into your account if you still haven’t done it.

2. Select the document that you want to add a bookmark in.

Upon signing into your account, browse your documents and select the one that you want to edit. Click on your chosen document to view it. 

3. Place your text cursor wherever you want to insert the bookmark.

Once you’ve opened the document that you wish to format, click on the place where you want to insert the bookmark. You’ll notice that the text cursor (the blinking line that you see in your document) will be moved wherever you click on it. Through this, you’ll be able to validate whether you clicked on the right spot or not.

4. Click “Insert” from the menu bar.

From the menu bar on the top portion of your document, locate and click on the “Insert” menu. Upon doing this, a drop-down list will appear. Such a list contains the menus Image, Table, Drawing, Chart, Horizontal line, Date, Footnote, etc.

5. Select “Bookmark” from the list.

From the drop-down menu list, find “Bookmark” and click on it. This will immediately insert a bookmark to your selected spot. Make sure to check if it’s inserted in the right spot. If not, you may remove the bookmark by clicking on the “Remove” icon near your bookmark. This icon is represented by a trash bin, so you’ll never have a hard time finding it. 

Using Your Mobile Device

1. Open your Google Docs app.

Find your Google Docs application on your mobile device and click on it to open it. Again, make sure that your account is signed in before you proceed.

2. Select the document that you want to edit.

Similar to the steps of using your personal computer, you have to select one from your previously created documents, particularly the one that you wish to edit. Click on your selected document to open it.

3. Double tap on anywhere or click the edit button on the lower-right corner of your screen to edit your document.

When using the Google Docs mobile app, opening a document doesn’t instantly allow you to edit it. This is because it protects the document from getting edited randomly. That is why before you could edit using your phone, you would have to double-tap on any part of the document to enable its editing mode. Apart from this, you can also just click on the blue editing icon on the lower-right corner of your screen to enable this mode.

4. Click on the spot where you want to insert your bookmark.

Similar to the website, you would have to click on the place where you want to add the bookmark. You’ll be able to verify that you’ve clicked on the right spot if the blinking text cursor appears there. 

5. Click on the “+” icon from the bar on top of your screen.

After placing your text cursor to the spot you want to add your bookmark in, locate the “Insert” menu from the bar on top of your screen. Although it isn’t labeled as “Insert” itself, you’ll be able to easily find this because it is represented by a plus sign icon. Click on that icon to reveal a list of options.

6. Find and click “Bookmark” from the list.

The list that would have appeared would include several options such as Image, Table, Horizontal line, Page break, Page number, Footnote, Bookmark, and Table of contents. Find “Bookmark” and click on it. 

Doing this would instantly add a bookmark on your selected spot, so check if it’s placed correctly. If not, you can remove the bookmark by clicking on it until a list appears. From the list, click on “Remove,” and this will immediately remove your bookmark.

Working with Google Docs

It’s without a doubt that Google Docs indeed provides another level of convenience to its users. However, not everyone is knowledgeable in terms of its features. This is the reason why the steps above will be helpful, as it introduces one of Google Docs’ basic features. Imagine, with just a few steps, you’ll achieve the convenience that you’re probably aiming for.