How To View Your Twitch Revenue

The vast majority of us enjoy Twitch for the show. To watch others play their games and entertain us for however long we’re on their stream. For those lucky few, there is an opportunity to make money out of doing what you love. If you have the talent and the following, you can make money streaming. This tutorial will show you how to check your Twitch revenue and offer some actionable tips for increasing it.


You’re not going to become a millionaire using Twitch but you might make a little coin. Only the very few will ever be able to make a sustainable living streaming games. If you want to be one of them, it is entirely possible but demands a huge amount of time and effort, even if the top streamers make it seem easy.

View your Twitch revenue

To view your Twitch revenue, you will need to access your Payment Dashboard. This tells you how much you were paid each month since you became a partner or affiliate. You can also use the channel analytics pages for a breakdown.

The Twitch Payment Dashboard

The Twitch Payment Dashboard shows you a breakdown of how much you made each month. It goes back to October 2016 and is shown calendar monthly. You should see the date you were paid on the left, the amount you were paid to the right of that, the payment method you selected and the payment status.

This is a very straightforward way to see how you’re doing as far as income is concerned.

Channel Analytics

If you log into Twitch and go to your Dashboard, select Analytics and then Channel. You should see a section called Revenue which will show you an estimated revenue broken down into days, weeks or months. This is estimated based on the number of viewers you have and a ton of other metrics. It is only an estimate though.

The Revenue section then feeds into the Payment Dashboard once the numbers have been finalized. You may see slight discrepancies between the two as the analytics are estimates the the Payment Dashboard has been finalized and verified.

Make more revenue with Twitch

Don’t expect to emulate the success of Ninja et al overnight. They take years of practice and dedication to get where they are. That said, Ninja made $10 million in 2018 with most of that coming from Twitch followers. Some came from sponsorship too. I’m guessing his time on Mixer will be equally profitable.

While you’re gathering a following on the platform, there are some practical steps you can take to maximize your income on Twitch.

Use affiliate links

You can use the Twitch Affiliate Program but you can also use your own affiliate links in your channel to make a little extra. As long as you feature products that would interest your audience and perhaps use yourself, you can add an affiliate link to your channel to Amazon or other platform that offers affiliate links to make some extra cash.

You can add a widget onto your stream page advertising these products in the hope that you sell something.

Sell your own gear

Once you get some followers in real numbers, you should explore selling your own stuff. There are lots of companies out there who will custom print items for you to sell. Set up your own logo or brand and feature it on your stream. Have it printed onto mugs, mouse mats, t-shirts and other game-related items and add a link on your stream page.


While not as popular as affiliate linking or merch, begging, I mean asking for donations, is still a way to make some cash. A simple request for Bits to be donated to help you make rent or keep the lights on can have a real beneficial effect if done right. Don’t overdo the pleading though. Keep a simple message on your stream page and remember to say thank you afterwards!


Sponsorship is the hardest way to make money on Twitch but also the most lucrative. You will need an established rep on the platform, a significant following and be of a character that a business can do business with. Getting to that point is not easy and will take a long time but once you get a sponsor on board, you’re almost there.

While the steps you can take to make money on Twitch are straightforward, actually making it all work is anything but. Being a success at anything takes time and dedication and no small amount of raw talent. If you have what it takes, Twitch is the perfect way to combine something you love with earning a living. Good luck with it!