How To View Your TikTok Likes

For anyone under a certain age, TikTok is probably the most popular app in the world. Having been downloaded over a million times since release, the app is aimed directly at teens and provides a safe and open platform within which they can express themselves with comedy sketches, lip sync videos and more. As the app is part social network, it has the usual levers to make you want to use it. This tutorial is going to walk you through TikTok likes, one of the most important of those levers.

Social Media

Facebook started the like and since then it has turned into a powerful incentive. There is an entire field of psychological study around social media and how it affects our behavior. There is also a lot of content out there analyzing how likes and social media activity affects us as people.

TikTok has overtaken Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat in terms of numbers of users and overall popularity. Yet the vast majority of users are under 24 years old. While totally different to Facebook, TikTok has embraced the like and all that come with them because they have grown into an important aspect of social networking.

How to like a TikTok video

When you first install TikTok, the app knows nothing about you and will begin showing you random videos and a mix of the most popular on the platform. The more you use it, the more it learns about what you like and what you don’t. It will also look at all the videos you like and assess genre, type and so on and show you more videos like that.

To like a video on TikTok:

  1. Open a video within TikTok.
  2. Select the heart to the right of the video.

That’s it!

The heart to the right of the video likes it and means it will be accessible from within your own app until you dislike it or it disappears.

How to like a TikTok creator

You can like or follow creators in TikTok the same as you can on other social networks. If someone consistently delivers great videos or you love their sense of humor or sense of fun, following them makes it easy to keep up with their videos.

  1. Open a video within TikTok.
  2. Select the small ‘+’ icon under the profile icon to the right of the video.

The profile icon is above the heart you just used to like the video. Select the profile icon and you are taken to the profile home page. You can like them and follow them and they will appear in TikTok’s Following page. You can select that person from there to see all their latest videos.

View your TikTok likes

How do you view your TikTok likes? That’s fairly straightforward. If you have used the app for a while, you will have liked a few videos by now. Navigate to your profile page within TikTok and you should see a heart icon at the bottom of the screen. Select that and all the videos you have liked will appear on the next screen. You can work your way through all of them as you normally would or dislike them by selecting the heart icon next to it.

How to dislike a video

Some videos we can watch over and over and they never get old. Some can bear watching a few times before they lose their effect and we want something else. When that time comes, you can dislike a video to remove it from your list to make room for others. It’s all part of the rich cycle of social media and means other videos can take precedence.

To dislike a video in TikTok:

  1. Navigate to your For You page in the app.
  2. Select the video you want to remove.
  3. Long press the video and select Not Interested when you see the popup.

How to discover more videos to like in TikTok

One of the things TikTok does well is showcase the range of videos created on the platform. It brings the randomness of social media to your app and makes it easy to find all kinds of videos from all types of places. That randomness does dissipate a little once the app learns more about you but the Discover page will still show truly random videos.

The Trending Hashtags page will show more popular videos in the same way Instagram does. This is a showcase of all that’s popular on TikTok and a good way to find new stuff to watch.

The For You page uses TikTok’s algorithm to showcase videos it thinks you will like. It’s a learning process so the more you use the app the more it figures out what you like. This is less random but will show you all kinds of videos to watch and like.

The Search page uses the built-in search engine to find videos. You will need to add a search operator into the search box and hit the magnifying glass to find new videos. This is less random as it uses the search term you added to find stuff but will still show videos you haven’t seen before.