How To View Your Music Play History On Spotify

Do you want to hear some of the new songs that you previously played on Spotify? Or do you want to view all the artists you listened to in the past? Either way, we’re here to offer our help. In our guide below, we’ll show you how to view your Spotify listening history whether you’re using the desktop, web, or mobile app. In addition to that, we’ll also teach you how to download all your data on the app.


If you’re using Spotify to discover and listen to the newest songs out there, you might want to hear some of them again or add them to your playlists. If you can’t remember the music you recently played, don’t worry, Spotify has a feature that displays them on a list.

With the “Recently played” tab on Spotify, you can check your recent listening history on the app. As such, you can use this feature to view your previously played songs and save them to your playlists.

Aside from checking your listening history, you can also request and download your data from Spotify. In turn, you’ll receive information about your playlists, streaming history, and other important stuff associated with your Spotify account.

With that in mind, here’s a quick guide on how to view your stream history on Spotify.

How to check your listening history on Spotify

If you want to see the music you recently played, you can check your queue or listening history on Spotify. With the help of this feature, you can view the songs you liked that you may have missed adding to a playlist.

You can check your play history on Spotify whether you’re using the app on your computer or mobile device. In our tutorials below, we’ll show you how to do it from both.

On your computer:
  1. Open the Spotify web player or desktop app and sign in to your account.
  2. At the bottom-right part of your screen, click the Queue icon.

  3. Head to the “Recently played” tab to view all songs in your listening history.

The “Recently played” tab shows up to 50 songs that you played previously. You can also check the artist, album, and duration of the song from here.

On your mobile device:
  1. Open the Spotify mobile app and sign in to your account.
  2. At the upper-right side of your screen, tap the “Recently played” icon.

  3. Browse all the songs you’re previously listening to, filtered by the date you played them.

Unlike the desktop and web version of Spotify that shows only your 50 recently played songs, the mobile app displays much more. It can display all songs you listen to in the past few weeks, filtered by each day.

How to download your Spotify data

If you want to view an extensive history of your streams, playlists, and other information, you can choose to request and download your Spotify data. You can do this by signing in to the Spotify Account page on your web browser and visiting your Privacy settings.

However, please note that it might take Spotify 30 days to prepare the data for your request. If you’re willing to wait, follow our step-by-step tutorial below to learn how to download your Spotify data.

  1. Using your preferred web browser, visit the Spotify Account page and sign in to your account.
  2. Head to the Privacy settings tab.

  3. Scroll down to the end of the page and click the Request button on the “Download your data” section.

  4. Check your inbox for an email from Spotify and click Confirm to verify your request.

Once your data is ready, you’ll receive an email from Spotify containing the download link. When you download your data, you’ll receive a couple of JSON files with your stream history, playlists, and other information from the past year.

To wrap it all up

Now that you know how to view your “Recently played” tab on Spotify, you can go ahead and check your listening history. With the help of this feature, you don’t have to bother remembering and searching for the previous songs you played.

Alternatively, you can request your Spotify data for an extensive streaming history for the past year. However, it might take you a month before you can download the files.

We hope that our guide helped you check and review your listening history on Spotify. For more tips, tricks, and tutorials from us, visit our site frequently for our daily posts and updates.