How To View Your Message History In Discord

Sometimes, having a backup for your chats is important; this way you can see them when you want. For example, imagine that you are talking about something important and you want to have a local backup, but you don’t want to take countless screenshots. Sadly, Discord doesn’t have an internal tool to do it. Therefore, you should use an external one that allows you to save it. 

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So let’s begin with his guide. 

Step 1

Note that this procedure is made in the browser, not the Discord desktop app. Log in to Discord on Chrome. Then, click here to download an extension that will support the tracker script. 

Step 2

After you click the installation, the extension will automatically appear at the top right corner.

Step 3

Right-click on the extension’s icon, then select “This can read and change site data” at the menu. Finally, click the first option, which is “When you click the extension”.

Step 4:

Click here and select the highlighted option. 

Step 5

As you click it, the extension will open a new window with the code. Mark the “confirm installation” button, which is at the top right corner.

Step 6

Go to Discord and refresh it again. Now, click on the DHT button that is located on the top right corner on your Discord page. 

Step 7

As you click DHT, a new banner will appear at the bottom of the page, now you just have the start tracking option.

Step 8

Once the script finishes tracking all new messages, it will allow you to download the file.

Step 9

Whenever you want to see the chat history, go here and upload the file that you got from the script. 

You can do this process at the desktop app also. If you want to know-how just keep reading. 

Step 10

Open the developer’s tool inside the desktop app by pressing ctrl+shift+I and choose the console option.

Step 11

Copy and paste the code from the

Step 12

Open again the Discord desktop app and paste the code into the console and press enter. The same menu at the bottom will appear. Repeat steps 7 to 9. 

This tool is pretty handy for saving and having a backup of your chat logs. Remember that it is at the beta stage, so expect it to crash from time to time. 

Bear in mind that it will only save all the new messages. Therefore, if you have a previous backup, and you want to save the newer messages, the script won’t copy the older history which is already saved. But this is not something to worry about, you can combine them with the script and save it as one backup.