How To View When You Joined A Server In Discord

Discord is a free app that allows its users to chat either through messages, or voice and video calls. It is like Skype, but it has some features that make Discord the preferable choice among gamers. However, Discord is also useful for people who want to work or do some business like trading cryptocurrencies, to study, or just to hang out and have a chat.

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You can chat with each person individually, with the DM system, or you can join a server. These are groups where people with the same interest join and talk. For example, gamers that are about to game together. 

The owners of the server can modify its settings at will, kick or invite users, and invite bots to personalize and enhance the Discord experience. Bots and the service members can interact with each other. Among the things that you can do with them is to ask for a meme or a joke and know your user information. For example, you can find out when you join Discord, your message activity, or when did you join the server. 

In this guide, you will learn how to know when you enter a specific server. 

Step 1

First, you must look if your server has a stat bot or something similar. If not, invite the bot or tell the owner to do it. The following steps are to show to invite the bot into the server; if the bot is already in jump to step 5.

Step 2

Click on this link Once there, invite the bot.

Step 3

Select the server in which you want to invite the bot. It goes without saying that it has to be the server that you want to know when you join.

Step 4

Do the reCAPTCHA, and the bot will be added to the selected server.

Step 5:

Head back to the app and join the server with the bot. Check that it is in, and type “s?user”; hit enter.

Step 6:

Wait a few seconds and the bot will give you all your profile information. You can see your message activity, where are you more active, when you join Discord (yellow rectangle) when you join the server (red rectangle), and your user’s ID.

As you can see, the process is quite simple. There are a couple of useful commands to use on this bot, but this is the most important, and the one we talk about in this guide.

Whether you are the server’s owner or a member, you will like to interact with the bots from time to time. They are interesting and useful tools that you could use to enhance your experience. For example, some bots record your game and sent the file directly to your phone. Others are handy when it comes to message cleaning. For example, with the simple command, you can erase all messages in the server. So go there and thriving tools!