How To View Twitch Chat Logs

Need to know how to view Twitch chat logs in 2020? If you’re a streamer, mod, or just a curious viewer, you might want to check your chat logs to see what people are saying about a certain topic. Thankfully there are many easy ways to check Twitch chat logs!


To view Twitch chat logs in 2020, you can watch through the entire vod, check twitch chat logs by username, through Nightbot or download them through a third-party software like Chatty.

Why You Should Check Twitch Chat Logs

Everyone can have their own reasons for checking out Twitch chat logs.

  • Reviewing disciplinary actions: If you are a streamer or acting as a mod for one, you may sometimes want to see if the punishment exacted upon a viewer is fair or not. Checking Twitch chat logs to verify what the viewer said or did before punishment is a way to see if your moderators are being fair, or if the viewer was in the wrong.
  • Checking inappropriate entries: As Twitch is a platform anyone can join and enjoy anonymously, people can feel empowered to say whatever they want. Even if the streamer is unaware of what the chat is saying, Twitch may still see it as a violation of their Terms of Service (TOS). Left unchecked, this might end up getting the streamer banned!
  • Seeing what the community is into: Going through your Twitch chat log is an excellent way to know what your audience likes, dislikes, and wants more of. It’s also a good way to gauge what makes your audience engage more with you through chat, teaching you how to keep your chat alive all throughout the stream.
  • Gathering feedback: When streaming, you will always get feedback – good or bad – from your chat. Going through your chat logs and finding out what feedback you’re receiving. Maybe someone mentioned your mic quality, or dropping frames, or simply encouraging you to speak up more.

How to View Twitch Chat Logs

Method 1: Watch Your Vods

Your Twitch Videos (or Vods) are recordings of your stream. You can watch previous streams from beginning to end. They also include the whole chat log for your stream as they appeared during your stream. It’s not the most efficient way to view your chat logs, but it’s one way! Instead of going through the whole video however, you can always scrub through and go to the time of the comments you want to find.

Method 2: Use Your Chatbot

Automated chatbots (such as Nightbot and Streamlabs) help moderate and filter Twitch chats. They also come with extra features that can help enhance your viewers’ experience in your chat.

Nightbot brings with it a fully downloadable chat log. Once it’s activated, Nightbot starts collecting chat logs that you can download and view on your own time. Don’t worry – Nightbot doesn’t collect any personal information, just what people are talking about in chat.

Method 3: User Search Command

If you want to see what a specific user said in your stream, you can use Twitch’s user search command. All you need is to type the following on the chatbox:

/user [username]

This should pull up the user’s profile, as well as a log of all the chat messages they have sent during the stream.

Method 4: Use third-party software

Chatty is a chat software created for Twitch, which mimics the look and feel of IRC clients of old. It can run on Windows PCs or any other Java 8-enabled OS.

It supports many Twitch features such as Twitch emotes, subscriber badges, name colors, stream information, bot interaction, and more. It allows you to join several channels at once through a tab function, set channel favorites, moderate through the platform, and even get notified when the channels you follow are live.

Most importantly, it allows you to log the stream chat into a file for downloading later. This will let you see the chat in true text form through Notepad. It’s a raw “recording” of the chat and should help you moderate and read through your chat much easier.

Can I View Other Streamers’ Chat Logs?

There is no way for you to view a streamer’s chat logs without their permission, unless you scrub through their entire VOD. Twitch does not host its chat logs publicly, as it violates its own rules on data privacy. One such website that kept chat logs was OverRustle, which was pulled offline. They used to collect logs of all chats that were not set to private on Twitch streams.

Of course, this likely resulted in a few doxxing issues and even stalking, which is why the move to close it off was a good idea. As of now, only streamers and moderators have the authority to view the chat logs for videos in their own channels.

Wrapping Up

To view Twitch chat logs, all you have to do is follow one of the methods above. They’re all very easy to do but each require its own amount of effort. Choose whichever one is the more efficient method for your purposes!