How To Use Two-factor Verification On WhatsApp

Are you worried about the security of your WhatsApp account? Do you want to improve its protection from unauthorized users? If so, we have a solution for you. In your guide below, we’ll show you how to enable two-factor on your WhatsApp account.


Security is one of the likely concerns when using a messaging app. I’m sure that no one wants other people to access and read their messages, conversations, and chat history.

Thankfully, WhatsApp allows you to add another layer of protection to secure your account. In addition to the 6-digit registration code sent via call or SMS, you can add a unique PIN to verify your identity.

You can easily find the option to enable two-factor authentication on your WhatsApp Settings. However, we understand that some of you are unfamiliar with the app’s features.

With that in mind, we created a guide to help you.

How to enable two-factor verification on your WhatsApp account

If you want to add more security to your WhatsApp account, you can choose to enable two-factor authentication. With this feature, you get to protect your account with a six-digit PIN that you need to enter frequently to verify your identity.

Take note that you can only verify your account on the mobile version of WhatsApp. Follow our quick step-by-step guide below to learn how.

On the Android app:
  1. On the upper-right corner of your screen, tap More options (three-dot icon).

  2. Once the menu appears, select Settings.

  3. Tap Account and go to Two-step verification.

  4. At the bottom of your screen, tap Enable to continue.
  5. Enter a six-digit PIN which you’ll need to register your number with WhatsApp.

  6. After doing so, confirm your desired PIN and click Next at the bottom of the page.

  7. You can choose to enter an email address for backup purposes or not. If you do, tap Next at the bottom to continue. Otherwise, tap Skip.

Note: WhatsApp won’t verify your email, so make sure that you enter the correct information.

That’s how you add two-step verification to your WhatsApp account on Android. If you missed the chance to include a backup email, navigate to Settings > Account > Two-step verification and tap the “Add email address” option.

By adding a recovery email, you’ll get a backup option if you ever forget your PIN in the future. Also, without it, you won’t be able to reset your code in seven days.

On iOS:

As for those using WhatsApp on their iPhone, the process of enabling two-step verification is pretty similar to the Android one. All you have to do is navigate to Account > Two-step verification and tap Enable.

After doing so, enter your desired six-digit PIN, and follow the next set of instructions. You can also add a recovery email along the way. We recommend that you add one for backup purposes in the future.

To wrap it all up

Now that you know how to add two-step verification to your WhatsApp account, you can worry less about unauthorized people accessing your account. Without the unique six-digit PIN, they can’t continue verifying your account even if they have the registration code.

Take note that you can only manage your verification feature on the mobile version of WhatsApp. It isn’t currently available on the web and desktop app.

That’s everything we have on our guide! For more tips, tricks, and tutorials, hit the bookmark button, and visit us regularly for our daily posts and updates.