How To Use The Amazon Firestick Without Internet

The Amazon Firestick is an internet device and doesn’t work properly without a connection. However, if your internet goes down for any reason, as long as your WiFi network is still working you can still use the Amazon Firestick even without an internet connection.


You are obviously very limited in what you can do but if you have a Fire TV Recast or local media you want to play through Kodi or Plex you can still be entertained. There is a dependency here. To be able to use the Amazon Firestick without internet, everything will have needed to be set up before you lost your connection.

In this context, you have your Firestick all set up and streaming happily and then your internet connection goes down for some reason. If this is the case, you can still use your Firestick. If you haven’t set up Plex, Recast or Kodi, you won’t be able to do much at all with your Firestick except play a couple of lame Android games if you have those on your stick.

The one thing you will find when offline is that the Firestick menu doesn’t work fully. You will need to work around that by selecting Settings, Applications, Manage Installed Applications and choose your app. Select Launch App and you should be good to go.

Amazon Firestick without internet

So you have an Amazon Firestick with Plex or Kodi loaded and/or you have a Fire TV Recast with some media on it. With this kind of setup you can still watch media while your internet is down.

Amazon Fire TV Recast

The Amazon Fire TV Recast connects to your HD antenna and receives some broadcasts over the air. The Recast joins your home WiFi network and integrates with the Fire TV app, Amazon Echo, Alexa app and anything else you might have. You can then play media from your Recast to your TV.

The Recast isn’t cheap but is an excellent way to enjoy OTA broadcasts if your area has local channels you like to watch.

Amazon Firestick with Plex

Plex is second to Kodi in the media center popularity stakes. It’s a little more complicated to set up but once done, you can play locally stored content from a home PC or media server to your TV through the Firestick. As long as your WiFi is functioning, you would still be able to watch your movies and TV shows with this.

You will need the Plex app on your Firestick and a functioning media server for this to work though. As I have recently set Plex up at home, I’ll show you how to do it:

  1. Select Search on your Firestick and search for Plex.
  2. Select Download and install it onto your Firestick.
  3. Sign in using your Plex account login.Set one up if you don’t have one, it’s essential.
  4. Link the PIN displayed on screen to your account. You can do it at this link.
  5. Download the Plex media server application onto the computer you’re going to use as a media server.
  6. Set it up and link that to your account using the same PIN method.
  7. Follow the installation wizard in Plex making sure to link locally saved movies and TV shows.

Give Plex time to catalog all your content and you should be able to browse it on the Plex Firestick app. The idea of linking it all to a Plex account is that the account will have an index of content saved on your media server and can initiate playback.

Amazon Firestick with Kodi

If you have saved a movie or TV shows on your Firestick, you can access them offline with Kodi. Again, Kodi will need to have been setup beforehand but otherwise this is another way to use your Amazon Firestick without internet. If you have media saved locally, you can watch it in the usual way in Kodi.

Use the method above, Settings, Applications, Manage Installed Applications and select Kodi. Select Launch App and you should be good to go.

Once loaded into Kodi, you should be able to browse to whatever you have saved on your Firestick in the usual way.

Offline Firestick

The Amazon Firestick is designed from the ground up to be connected so isn’t a great deal of use when you don’t have internet. If you have one of these options, you’re golden but don’t forget, you can set up most smartphones to be hotspots to provide internet. So even if your ISP lets you down, unless your phone network is down too, you can still get internet if you really have to!