How To Use Ping Commands On Valorant

Do you want to call your team’s attention in Valorant without possibly breaking their concentration in-game? Or are you not fond of using voice chat to relay information to your allies? Either way, we’re here to help you. In our guide below, we’ll show you how to use the ping system on Valorant.


While a precise aim and crosshair placement can help you get more kills and win a round in Valorant, good communication is key in winning games. By constantly providing information to your allies, they get to pre-aim better and rotate much faster.

Although most people opt to use the voice chat to give callouts, relying on the mic too much can break your allies’ concentration in-game. Aside from that, it can make it harder for your team to hear sound cues from your enemies’ movements and abilities.

However, there’s a way to provide information to your team without using the voice chat in-game. With the help of the ping system on Valorant, you can alert your allies and give out information without talking.

In our guide below, we’ll show you how to use pings and configure their hotkeys on Valorant.

How to use the ping system on Valorant

As we mentioned before, communication is one of the keys to winning your games in Valorant. While you can relay information and gather your team’s attention through voice and text chat, it can sometimes break their concentration in-game.

Thankfully, you can use the ping system to signal your teammates about the enemy’s potential whereabouts, dropped weapons, and other stuff in the game. In this way, you get to communicate with your team without using your microphone.

Changing the ping button

By default, the “Z” key on your keyboard pings the area, weapon, or spike in the direction of your crosshair in-game. However, you can always customize your hotkeys on your settings.

To do so, navigate to Settings > Controls > Communication. Under the Pings section, change the key for your Ping.

Aside from changing your default ping button, you can also assign different keys to individual notifications like Caution, Watching Here, Need Support, and On My Mark. While this is optional, it can help you relay specific information much faster.

Using the ping wheel

While pressing the ping button marks the area in the direction of your crosshair, you can open up the ping wheel to give out more specific notifications to alert your teammates. For example, instead of using the default ping option, you can use the Caution notification to ask your teammates to be careful around the area.

Hold the ping button to make the wheel appear on your screen. Move your mouse in the direction of the notification you want to use and release the ping button.

With the help of the ping wheel, you can give out specific instructions to your team without using the voice chat, which might break their concentration.

Use pings on the mini-map

If you can’t ping certain spots on the map with your crosshair, you can opt to open the mini-map and use the ping commands in there. In this way, you get to pick spots and map areas much better.

To open the mini-map, press “M” (default key) on your keyboard. After opening the mini-map, left-click on the area where you want to ping. Holding left-click opens the ping wheel, giving you more options to give out information and call your team’s attention.

Call your team’s attention with pings

With the help of the ping system in Valorant, you can relay information to your team without distracting them through voice chat. However, we don’t recommend that you spam using pings in-game since the sound it gives out can be annoying for some people.

Always remember that you can change the hotkey for your pings on your communication settings. You might want to use a key that’s comfortable for you without affecting your other key binds in-game.

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