How To Use Killjoy In Valorant

Do you want to be a defensive anchor that can hold her ground against enemies rushing into the site? If that’s a yes, Killjoy is one of the best choices for you. With her turret and swarm grenades, she can punish foes that are brave enough to push ahead. In our guide below, we’ll show you all her abilities and how to use them in-game.


Killjoy is one of the few “Sentinels” in Valorant, a type of agent that can hold down different spots or protect the flank. Unlike Duelists like Reyna or Yoru, her abilities are suitable for defensive players that have the patience to wait for their enemies to attack.

With that in mind, here’s a quick guide on Killjoy’s abilities and how to use them on Valorant.

Killjoy’s abilities in Valorant

If the playstyle you prefer in Valorant leans more on the defensive side, you can try using Killjoy, a genius inventor from Germany, on your games. She’s one of the few agents in the game that can hold her own, allowing her teammates to take space on other sides of the map.

With abilities that can damage enemies, gather information, and control the map, she can guard the flank or set it up defensively on a bomb site. In our guide below, we’ll discuss all of Killjoy’s abilities and how to use them in different situations in-game.

Nanoswarm (1st Basic Ability – C)

Equip a nanoswarm grenade that you can throw around the map to set it up covertly. Once activated, this ability acts like a “molly,” damaging enemies within its range. You can bring up to two grenades per round, and each charge costs 200 credits.

Left-clicking throws the grenade in the direction of your crosshair, making it invisible to faraway foes. After placing it, press F anytime you want to activate the ability, damaging nearby enemies for 4.5 seconds.

On defense, you can place the Nanoswarm grenades on chokepoints, site entrances, or default planting spots to delay your enemies or damage the ones that come in contact with it. If you’re on the attacking side, you can place the grenades on the bomb after planting and activate it when you hear someone defusing to delay them for some time.

However, always remember that your enemies can destroy your grenades with bullets and some abilities. As such, we recommend that you don’t place them where the enemies usually use their utilities. You might want to place it on unusual spots where it would be hard for your foes to destroy.

Alarmbot (2nd Basic Ability – Q)

Equip a stealthy bot that you can place on the map to alert you when an enemy comes into its range. You can only use one Alarmbot per round that costs 200 credits. Once equipped, aim your crosshair on a place on the map and press left-click to place it.

After placing the bot, it goes into stealth mode, waiting for enemies to come within its range. Once they do, the bot hunts them down and explodes, applying Vulnerable (takes 2x damage) for a couple of seconds. A lot of people use it alongside a Nanoswarm bot to deal more damage to the enemy.

When you move more than 40 meters away from the bot, it deactivates until you get back within its range. However, you can always hold Q (Equip ability key) to recall the bot and place it on another spot after the cooldown.

Just like the Nanoswarm grenades, enemies can destroy your Alarmbot with bullets and damaging abilities, so you might want to place it on different spots every round. Although enemies can’t see the bot from afar, it becomes visible once they get too close to it.

Turret (Signature Ability – E)

Equip a turret that shoots enemies that it detects in its 180-degree vision. Left-clicking (Fire button) places the turret while pressing right-click on your mouse rotates it. Like your Alarmbot, the turret deactivates once you leave its 40-meter range.

You can place the turret facing directions or spots where the enemy usually appears. Once it detects a foe, it shoots a quick burst of three bullets, dealing damage that depends on the range.

While the turret doesn’t deal that much damage, it can be annoying if they can’t take it down quickly. It can also act as your source of information without endangering yourself by being out in the open. As such, you can opt to peek and shoot when your turret detects an enemy, which can sometimes catch them off-guard.

Always remember that flashes and blind abilities like Reyna’s Leer or Phoenix’s Curveball affect the turret, making it easier for your enemies to destroy. With that in mind, you might want to place it on different spots every round to surprise your foes and keep them guessing.

Lockdown (Ultimate Ability – X)

Killjoy’s Ultimate Ability lets her plant a device that detains all enemies within its range after a long countdown. Press left-click on your mouse to plant the lockdown ability. It costs you seven ultimate orbs that you can gather by killing enemies, dying, planting, defusing, and picking up the free ones on the map.

With Lockdown’s effect that disarms and slows enemies for 8 seconds, this ability can help you push back enemies from a site whether you’re defending or attacking. You can use it during post-plant situations or when you’re attempting to buy time until reinforcements arrive.

Always remember that enemies can destroy your lockdown device, so place it where enemies would less likely shoot it. With that in mind, look out for Sova and Brimstone’s ultimate, which can counter your ultimate from afar.

To wrap things up

Now that you know about Killjoy’s abilities in Valorant, it’s time to test her in-game. We don’t recommend that you place your grenades or turrets in the same place every time since the enemies might expect it the next time they attack your position.

That’s everything we have on our guide about Killjoy. For more gaming tips, tricks, and tutorials, visit us frequently and check our daily posts or updates.