How To Use Google Docs Offline On The Chromebook

Do you have to travel somewhere without an internet connection? Do you have a lot of work to do and want to get it done while you are offline? If that’s the case, you should enable offline mode on your Chromebook. 


Now, the first thing that comes to mind is this question – isn’t Google Docs online? The answer is yes. But, there is a trick. To work on any Slides, Sheets, or Google Docs, you need to be online. However, if you toggle the offline mode on, you will be able to work on your files even if you don’t have an internet connection.

This is a pretty neat feature. It is ideal for anyone who is on a business trip and still wants to get some work done. If you want to figure out how to do it, you’ve come to the right place. We have prepared this simple guide for you. 

Just, make sure to follow all the steps and you will access this feature in seconds. This is how you can use Google Docs offline on the Chromebook. 

Step 1

Before you can use Google Docs offline, you have to enable the offline feature. To do that, make sure you are online first. Go to your Google Drive and click on the dot menu. Then, click on “Docs”. 

Step 2

On the top-right corner of the menu, you will see three horizontal lines. This is the main menu. Click on it. 

Step 3

The button you just clicked will bring up a new drop-down menu. Here, click on “Settings”. It is the button with a cog icon right next to it. Open the “Settings” menu. 


Step 4

Under “Language”, you will see the “Offline” tab. Next to it on the right is the button you are looking for. Click on the button. If it turns blue, you’ve successfully enabled offline mode on your Chromebook. To confirm the changes, click “Ok”. 

Step 5

Now, let’s say you’ve already created a document and you want to edit that document offline. Go to “Docs” and select the three vertical dots on the document. This will open a drop-down menu. Click on “Available offline” to sync that document to your Google Drive. 

Wait for the document to sync. You can see the syncing process if you look at the two arrows under the name of your document. 

Step 6

Once you get this checkmark, your document will be available for further edits while you are offline. 


That’s it! Now you know how to use Google Docs when you are offline on your Chromebook. As you can see, it is pretty easy. Once you enable the offline mode, you can easily go ahead and edit any of the documents you want.

Even if you don’t have an internet connection. This is a very handy feature if you are on the road a lot or you are going somewhere with no internet connection. Let us know if you found this guide helpful in the comments below.