How To Use Discord Go Live

Discord’s Go Live is a relatively new feature released in the summer. It’s a game streaming component that plugs into chat functions to add another dimension to your time on a channel. It isn’t quite up to Twitch or Mixer but is a mark of intent to show those other platforms that Discord is watching. If you want to use Discord Go Live, this tutorial will show you how.


Discord Go Live has a limited release right now, accessible only to certain Nitro users and any servers given early access. If you don’t see it on your dashboard, chances are you’re not one of the lucky ones. Access is continually being rolled out so it’s only a matter of time until you can use the new feature.

Go Live does exactly as its name implies. It allows you to livestream gameplay to up to 10 friends from your Discord server. It isn’t designed to replace Twitch or Mixer as streaming on Discord is much more limited in scope. Rather than broadcasting to the world, Discord Go Live is about sharing with friends.

Using Discord Go Live

Not everyone has access to Discord Go Live yet but if you do, it is very straightforward to use. It uses the same intuitive server and channel navigation but allows you to share your gameplay with your friends. It is limited to certain servers and Nitro accounts and to the desktop app for now though.

I don’t have access to Go Live as yet but I have seen it in action. It looks fast and seems to use the same low-lag setup chat and voice does. The streamer I was watching says the representation was almost to the second of what he was doing in game, meaning we could comment or throw suggestions and they were in time for him to act on them. That’s a big step forward from Twitch that always seems to have a couple second lag between gameplay and stream.

To use Discord Go Live:

  1. Open Discord and log into your server.
  2. Start a game.
  3. Check by your username in the bottom left of the Discord screen to see if the Go Live icon appears.
  4. Select it, select a voice channel to stream it to and select Go Live.

The stream should now load into the channel and be viewable by up to ten friends. You should see a picture in picture within your main game window to show you how it looks in Discord. Once you focus back on the game, the picture window freezes so as not to distract you.

Hover over the picture in picture window and you should see a stream quality settings panel. Select a stream quality and frame rate and hit Done. Go for the best quality and fastest rate your computer and internet connection can cope with and adjust if it buffers or stutters. In the example I watched, the streamer used 720p and it provided a clear, detailed stream that didn’t buffer at all.

As this is Discord, the ability to Go Live is set using Roles. Server owners can assign or remove the privilege as they see fit from the Server Settings window.

  1. Select Server Settings and Roles.
  2. Select a Role and scroll to the bottom of the permissions screen until you get to Go Live.
  3. Toggle it on or off depending on your needs

Watching someone else on Go Live

You don’t have to be a streamer, you can be a watcher too if you prefer. You don’t need special permissions to view, you just need someone on your server who is streaming at the time. They will have a small red Live icon by their name in the channel list. If you see one of those, you can watch them play.

  • Select the user with the Go Live icon.
  • Select Watch Stream.

You should automatically switch to the voice channel the streamer is using and see their gameplay in a window. You can full screen the game if you like or leave it within the window. You can change the audio levels if you like but it uses the same levels as the voice channels so you should be fine.

This page over on the official website has all the details on Discord Go Live. Having seen it in action, I think it has a lot of potential but won’t be a Twitch or Mixer killer anytime soon. I just can’t wait to give it a try myself!

Have you been able to try Discord Go Live yet? Like it? Tell us about your experience below!