How To Use Custom Emoji On Trello

Are you tired of using the default emojis on Trello? Do you want to use your photos as custom emojis across your board? If so, you can by uploading a photo from your device and use it as an emoji for comments, descriptions, and more. Follow our guide below, and we’ll teach you how to do it from the Trello web app.


In Trello, users can use emojis in checklists, descriptions, comments, and other places within their boards. In this way, you can decorate your posts instead of using plain text.

Aside from using the default emojis, Trello allows its users to upload custom ones of their own. You can use these custom emojis all over your board for other people to see.

Here’s our guide about uploading custom emojis on Trello.

How to upload custom emoji on Trello

If you want to use your images to personalize your conversations and reactions on Trello, you can upload them as an emoji. You can use these new emojis in comments, card descriptions, and other stuff on your board.

You can upload custom emojis from the Trello web app. Check our tutorial below, and we’ll show you the steps you need to know.

  1. Visit the Trello web app using your favorite browser and sign in to your account.
  2. Go to one of your boards and open one of its cards.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the card window and write a comment under the Activity section.

  4. Click the emoji icon on the right side of the message field.

  5. Click the “Upload emoji” option under the menu.

  6. Upload the photo that you want to use and type the name of the emoji. Click the “Create custom emoji” to confirm your decision.

That’s how you upload custom emojis on your Trello board. When commenting on a card, you can search for your emoji or type its name between colons to use it.

You can upload any photo you want as long as it’s under 10MB in size. The app will resize the image for you and fit it within 64 x 64 pixels.

Unfortunately, there’s no option to delete uploaded emojis on Trello. However, you can replace a custom emoji by uploading a new one with the same name.

Please note that you can only use the custom emoji on your account. Other board members can’t use your emojis, but they can upload one anytime they want.

To wrap things up

Now that you know how to use custom emojis on Trello, you can upload photos that you want to use as emojis whenever you want. If you ever change your mind, you can upload a new photo with the same name as the emoji that you want to remove.

Custom emojis are visible to other board members even if they opt not to upload custom emojis of their own.

That’s everything from us! If you want more tutorials, visit our page frequently, and read our latest posts and updates.

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