How To Use Crunchyroll And Block Ads On IPhone And Android

As legal sources of anime go, Crunchyroll is top of the class and has more titles than most other places. The free account gives you access to a huge range of titles but comes with ads. Way too many ads. I get that we are getting stuff for free and Crunchyroll has to keep the lights on but there needs to be a balance. Otherwise, titles like this tutorial on how to use Crunchyroll and block ads on iPhone and Android become way too popular.


First up. Watching ads to access services for free is a fair exchange. If you don’t, the website doesn’t get ad revenue and cannot maintain its services for very long. That needs to be understood from the off. If you want to support Crunchyroll, pay for premium and then you don’t get ads.

That said, Crunchyroll serves way too many ads. Those ads may promote anime, other anime companies and Crunchyroll itself but there are entirely too many of them. They are annoying and intrusive and detract from the overall experience. Look on the Crunchyroll forum or Reddit and you will see complaint after complaint about the volume of ads on the platform. The developers don’t listen so ad blocking is the only option if you don’t want to subscribe.

Use Crunchyroll and block ads

I just watched Dr. STONE Episode 17 – A Hundred Nights and a Thousand Skies on Crunchyroll and there were three ads. One long ad before the feature, one during the feature and one at the end. Other videos have even more ads, up to four different ad sections, before, during and after lasting up to 25% of the runtime of the main title.

That’s way too much.

Block Crunchyroll ads on Android

Android users have a few options to block Crunchyroll ads. You can use the Chrome browser with an adblocking extension or use a more secure browser such as Brave that automatically blocks lots of ads. During testing, no single solution blocked all ads but each one reduced the number to a much more sustainable level.

Here are some options to try.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser for Android is a fast, secure browser built with ad blocking as a core feature. This speeds up your browsing experience, lowers data use and saves a bit of battery at the same time. You may find some Crunchyroll titles won’t load with it though so don’t rely on this exclusively.


Adblock is a Chrome extension that works on mobile as well as desktop. It’s lightweight, works credibly well and does a good job of blocking ads everywhere. It isn’t perfect and you will find a few ads slipping through but that is much better than having to suffer the full internet experience without blocking ads!

Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet

Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet works if you have a Samsung phone and use the built in browser. This is the mobile version of the desktop ad blocker and works well on the Samsung browser. It blocks the vast majority of ads and doesn’t get in the way too much either. Well worth checking out.

Block Crunchyroll ads on iPhone

The iPhone has a range of ad blockers that perform the same tasks as their Android counterparts. Some will work most of the time and some will block the majority of Crunchyroll ads if not all of them while allowing titles to play normally. Each of these is worth trying.


Adguard is a very competent ad blocker for iPhone. It also works on Mac, Windows and Android but is a standout for iOS. It’s unobtrusive, doesn’t get in the way, works very well, blocks the majority of ads on Crunchyroll while not blocking titles and enhances your browsing experience wherever you go.


AdBlock is another very competent ad blocker for iPhone. It’s a paid app at $1.99, but it works very well. It is stable, offers control over what you block and what you don’t, uses whitelists for allowing certain ads and just gets on with what it is supposed to do without getting in the way. It’s another decent option for reducing Crunchyroll ads.


Weblock is another ad blocker for iPhone worth checking out. It’s also $1.99 but performs well and has an attractive UI to go with it. Reviews on the App Store are glowing and it works on my older iPhone with out a problem. It does block the occasional Crunchyroll title but reduces ads in a big way which is more than worth the cost.