How To Use Cinema Hd On The Firestick

Do you want to watch some cool movies on your Firestick? Do you want to try out a different app that will make your experience a lot of fun? In that case, you’ve probably decided to install the Cinema HD. Cinema HD is an app where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows. 


You will quickly learn how to use it. If you are new to this app, you probably don’t know all the options it can offer. Which is why we have decided to make this guide for you. 

You will see all the cool features and how you can use them. But, most importantly, you will learn to navigate the most useful buttons and search through the menu. These are the features you will use all the time. 

But, before we get right into it, there is something to point out first. These screenshots are taken from the beta in 2019. Therefore, some of the design or settings may be changed later. With that out of the way, we are ready to start the guide. 

So, let’s get right to it. Here is how you can use the Cinema HD app on your Firestick. 

Step 1

 We will assume you’ve already downloaded the Cinema HD app. Since we will focus on how to use it, you should launch the app. When you turn your Fire TV on, you will see the app in the “recent” tab. Apps that appear in the “recent” tab are usually apps that you have downloaded recently. So, go ahead and select the Cinema HD. 

Step 2

 Select “allow” to let the app launch on your device. 

Step 3

Now the disclaimer will pop up. What you want to do is select “accept”. 


Step 4

 This is the Cinema HD app. Here you can see all the movies you can watch. On the top-left corner is the main menu. It looks like three horizontal lines. You will be using it all the time. On the far right side of the bar, you will see the magnifying glass. This is the search option where you can type the name of any of the movies you want to watch. To navigate through the menu, select the up, down, left, and right buttons on your remote control. When you want to select anything, press the button in the middle. 


Step 5

 This is the main menu. Here you can navigate through all the settings, add favorites, see what you’ve watched, and more.

Step 6

 When you select a movie or a TV show you want to watch, the app will take you to the menu for that exact show. On the middle, you will see the buttons for seasons, overview, and recommendations. You can pick the episode you want to watch, see the overview, or select other recommendations of movies similar to that one.

Step 7

 When you want to close the app, simply close the app like you would any other app via the Firestick remote control and select “Yes”. If you’ve changed your mind, select “No”. 


That’s it, now you know how to use the Cinema HD app on your Firestick. Let us know if you found this guide helpful in the comments below.