How To Use Bumble Without Facebook

Many people are interested in using Bumble without linking the same to the Facebook account. Good news is that this option is now available. It gives a greater level of flexibility to the user as they can feel free to use the platform without getting feared about being tracked.


Given below are the steps of using Bumble without linking the same to Facebook.



  • First of all, download the Bumble app. Once it is downloaded, the user will arrive at the Bumble home page.
  • One can find “Continue with Facebook” option there, and under it, there appears another option called “Use mobile number.”
  • The user has to provide the country code along with the phone number.
  • Next, one has to select “Continue”. The user is then provided with a pop-up to ensure that the provided phone number is the right one.
  • Once it is confirmed by selecting “Confirm” the next step is meant to verify the mobile number. The mobile verification can be done through SMS Verification. It is here to note that this is the default option available for the entire users in the US. There is also the option of going through Phone Call Verification, but it is only meant for those who belong to outside of the US
  • Those who are not eligible for SMS verification are going to get a text with a 4-6 digit code.
  • Post competition of the verification through any of the above mode, one may up for creating a profile.

It asks for various details like gender, birthday, and name. This is asked as here the details are not taken through Facebook. Though one can use Bumble without linking the same to Facebook, one must understand that Bumble never posts to their Facebook timeline.

It is true that Bumble often encourages to link with Facebook. The prime reason behind this is to get details about the user. One of the reasons is also that it hastens the process of signing up. Dragging details through Facebook makes it ensure the genuineness or validation of the data. It is here to note that one may opt to edit the details after Bumble pulls those from Facebook.

What to do when one can’t sign in through phone number?

In those occasions when the user fails to sign-in with the phone number following the methods talked above, yet not interested in linking through facebook, can follow the steps below.

  • Open a fresh Facebook account. It is advised to use only the actual first name.
  • Login to the new Facebook account created on the phone.
  • Sign up for Bumble account making use of the fresh Facebook account.

After the Bumble account is created the desired way, anyone would love to know how to have number of matches. In this context, the photos indeed do play a major role. It is highly recommended to use high-quality photos. Comparatively lower quality images are obvious to hamper the matching process. One may opt for the option to test the same on Photofeeler as well.

Can one switch to another account, those who have one account through Facebook?

In general, the users those are up for opening fresh accounts don’t need Facebook for opening Bumble. It is often asked about how to deal with the occasion when someone already has a Bumble account created through Facebook and yet wants to switch the same through phone number. Unfortunately, there is no official option available in this regard. However, one may try the way of creating a fake Facebook profile, as explained above. Talking about the official way, the user then has to delete the account that was created earlier and start from the very beginning. However, this also holds the risk that the person may lose the entire set of matches and conversation details.

How to add new details to the profile when it is not created through Facebook?

The following simple steps can be followed in this regard,

  • Put a click on the Edit section of the profile and pick the section to be updated.
  • One may provide the personalised details, or simply pick from the list of ‘General Occupations’ available within the menu.
  • iPhone users can simply pull down the display and update over there.

It is here to note that the users of iOS in USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK are the frontrunners to get this feature. However, Android users will be getting the same soon too.