How To Use Bumble Coins

Did you recently join the Bumble community? Do you want to know how the Bumble coins work? Then, you’ve come to the right place! We will tell you everything you need to know about these coins. 


For every newcomer, it can be a bit difficult to learn the ropes. That’s why we all need a simple guide. Now, bumble coins are an in-app currency. With this currency, you can buy different features like Spotlight or SuperSwipe. 

With SuperSwipe, you get to find a potential match that you will probably like. While with the Spotlight feature, you can adjust your profile to pop up more often. That way, more people will see you.  

How to Use the Coins?

Let’s say you’ve already set your profile. You are ready to share that profile with the world. To find a match on any dating app, you need to swipe through the match feed. The premium version of swiping in Bumble is SuperSwipe. Now, when you decide to get Bumble coins, you can buy as many as 20. You can purchase them at once. 

Every time you SuperSwipe, you use one coin. To SuperSwipe, you will have to tap on the heart on the person’s name. It is not just a simple Swipe option. Instead, it is an option that helps you stand out to the people you really like. 


To know if someone SuperSwiped you, you can check out the yellow notification bar right above their name. This notification will pop up in your match feed. 

This function is quite similar to other dating apps like Tinder or SuperLike. It’s not just about swiping right. It’s about being really interested in that particular person. If you SuperSwipe the same person, this notification will also pop up on their match feed. 

That’s how you get a guaranteed match. Now, without the Bumble coins, you can’t get it.

What About Prices?

Depending on the amount of Bumble coins you want to purchase, they have a different price point. If you buy them in bulk, you save up a bit. This is a solid investment. You are investing in yourself. It is an experience you will like. 

It makes the Bumble app a lot more convenient and efficient. If you are looking to speed things up, this might be the right option for you. 


Bumble offers plenty of different features and options that make dating a lot easier. The bumble coins are no exception. You can purchase them to make the best use of these features. You will gain access to options other non-paying users won’t. 

This makes the experience a lot better, faster, and more reliable. Of course, the bumble coins come at a price. But, it is a solid personal investment that can be worth it. If you find someone you like you can SuperSwipe. 

This option lets them know you like them. You can also check out who has SuperSwiped you, which is also a big plus. Thanks to the bumble coins you will be able to look for the right partner, wherever they may be. Now that you know what the Bumble coins are for, go ahead and give them a try.