How To Use Animated Emojis In Discord

Any social network that encourages people to chat should support emoji. While words and voice still rule on the platform, there is always room for an emoji or two in a sentence. Discord supports two types, the standard emoji and animated emoji. I’ll show you how to use both.


One caveat though. Animated emoji are a Discord Nitro exclusive. That means you will have to pay the $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year to access them. Standard emojis are free to use wherever you like but you can only access animated ones when you pay. Non-paying users will be able to see your animated emoji but not be able to use them. It’s a little thing but may impact, or enhance your enjoyment of them.

Using emojis in Discord

Discord has support for most emoji types. It has some built in and the ability for server owners to upload their own for use within names or chat. The built-in support is wide and seems to include most basic emojis as well as games, flags, foods and the usual graphics. Animated emoji in Discord are only visible if you’re a Nitro subscriber so aren’t visible to us mere mortals who don’t subscribe.

To use the standard emoji you can either use a shortcode within chat, ‘:grinning’ and so on or select the emoji icon to the right of the text box. You can select from the range within a popup window that includes all of those available to your account. If you have Nitro you should see an extra selection of animated emoji. If you’re a standard user, you will see the usual selection.

Use animated emojis in Discord

As mentioned, you will only see animated emoji in Discord if you’re a Nitro subscriber. You will see them alongside standard emoji in chat and can use the shortcodes if you know them. Otherwise, select the emoji to the right of the chat window and go from there.

Non-subscribers will be able to view your animated emoji but not use them.

Adding custom emoji to a server

If you’re a server owner, you can supplement those emoji already available with some custom ones. You will need to create or download them to your device ready to upload to your server but the process is very straightforward.

  1. Select your server and select Server Settings.
  2. Select Emoji from the left menu.
  3. Select Upload Emoji from the right pane.
  4. Select the Emoji from your device and select Upload.

You can add up to 50 emoji per server so choose carefully!

You and your users will then be able to use these new emoji on any channel within your server. These uploads are on a per server basis so if you have multiple servers, you will have to upload them multiple times if you want every server to use them.

You can add animated emojis to your server if you like but only those with Nitro will be able to use them.

Using emoji in channel names

One cool extra benefit in Discord is the ability to use emoji within channel names. It won’t work in every situation of course but there may be times when an emoji fits a channel name perfectly. This could be especially true if you made custom emoji yourself to reflect each channel.

Either way, you can use emoji in channel names with unicode or a file copy. You will need to use an emoji list like this page to make it work.

  1. Create a channel in the normal way in Discord.
  2. Right click an emoji you want to use from the browser column in the page above and select Copy.
  3. Write the channel name and paste the emoji where you want it to appear.
  4. Select Create Channel to finish.

You can also add an emoji to an existing server name by selecting it and Edit Channel. You edit the name, copy the emoji and paste it where you want it to go the same as above. Then select Save Changes instead of Create Channel to finish.

Emoji support is very good in Discord. I’m not sure it is compatible with emoji v.12 that we seem to be using right now but all the ones I tested seem to work fine. I’m not a Nitro subscriber so I couldn’t add or use animated emoji. Otherwise, you can use emoji on Discord like you can anywhere else. Just one more reason to love Discord!