How To Use A Voice Changer In Discord

One of the many cool things you can do in Discord is use a voice changer app to disguise your voice. Some people do this for a bit of fun while others have more serious reasons for doing it. Not all channels welcome such things but if your favorite channels do, there is nothing stopping you using one. This tutorial will show you how to use a voice changer in Discord.


If you want to sound like a little kid while stomping everyone in Fortnite or want to sound like a female when you’re really male, voice changers can do a credible job of it. There are more nefarious reasons for wanting to change your voice but I’m not going to go into those!

Whatever the reason you want to use a voice changer in Discord, this tutorial shows you how.

Use a voice changer in Discord

There are a number of free voice changing apps out there but Clownfish is probably the most popular. I have played around with it myself. Unfortunately, it looks like this app is no more as the official website is gone and there are no recent mentions of it anywhere. This may be temporary but isn’t much use to us right now.

Next up is Voicemod so I’ll use that in this example. It is Windows only though so you may need to try something else. Voicemod is free to begin with but will require a fee for regular use. It uses a license key to authorize

  1. Download and install Voicemod on your computer.
  2. Add your license key to the app. It will be emailed to you after you register.
  3. Open Voicemod and set up your mic, audio device and output.
  4. Have a play around with all the voices until you find one you like.
  5. Open Discord.
  6. Select the gear icon next to your username in Discord.
  7. Select Voice & Video in the left pane.
  8. Select Voicemod Virtual Audio device microphone as the input device.

That’s all the configuration it needs. Once set as the default input, all your voice chat will go through the voice changer instead of going straight from your mic. Don’t change the default output device, leave that as the current setting.

If you don’t see the option to set the Voicemod Virtual Audio device microphone in Discord, you need to make sure Windows has picked it up.

  1. Type ‘control’ into the Windows Search box and select Control Panel.
  2. Select Sound and select the Recording tab.
  3. Set Voicemod Virtual microphone as the Default device.

Now retry Discord and you should have the option to set the Voicemod Virtual microphone as the default input. You may have to restart Discord for it to detect the change or you may not.

Voice changers for Discord

If you don’t want to pay for Voicemod, there are a couple of other free applications that can do much the same thing. They may not be as feature-rich as the above but they have free versions that don’t require cash.

Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer is a premium app but has a free version with limited voices. As long as you’re a home user and not planning to use it commercially, this app is pretty good. It installs and works much the same as Voicemod, just with fewer options.

MorphVOX Jr

MorphVOX Jr is another free app that changes your voice. Again, it is free and has limited voice changing options that will work with Discord and other apps. There are fewer ‘fun’ voices here but the software itself works very well and can easily change your voice older, younger, male or female.

Using voice changers in Discord

Discord does play nicely with voice changers but this is one area of chat where you really need to know your audience. Some channels are perfect for pranking or messing around with such apps while others are not. Know which of your favorite channels will find such things amusing and which will not. Messing around with a voice changer in a more serious or ‘grown up’ channel is a good way to get muted or kicked.

If all none of the channels you use are receptive to voice changers, perhaps they might be best left for pickup groups in-game. You won’t be able to use them with Discord but at least you can use them in whatever game it is you play!