How To Use A Twich Bot

If you are at your first steps as a Twitch streamer, you must certainly come across with the words “Twitch bots”, and you surely wonder, what a Twitch bot is? Well, the short answer is that a Twitch bot is like an assistant. It will help you with your channel moderation and keeping it running smoothly.


However, this doesn’t mean that it will take over the moderation of your channel. You still have that responsibility. But you can use a bot to handle some small tasks such as clearing the chatbox and prevent spam.

The decision of whether or not to use a bot depends entirely on the channel. For example, bots at quite useless in new channels that have a low audience. Why? Well, if your channel has 10 viewers, there is no necessity to use a bot. Besides, it is more meaningful if you engaged with your users all by yourself.

Bots are especially helpful in channels with a large audience. For example, you can program a bot to answer simple questions or to flag inappropriate comments.

There are many different types of bots. In this guide, you will learn how to use the Moobot Twitch bot. This is one of the most famous bots on Twitch. Let’s learn how to install and use it.

Step 1

Head to, and click on the large rectangle that says “connect with Twitch”.

Step 2

After clicking it, you will be directed to a page, where you have to put your Twitch credentials. Click on the login button after filling the blanks. 

Step 3

After authorizing the app, you will be directed to another page. There you can take a tour to learn how to use the bot, or you can skip it. It is recommended for you to take the tour, especially if you have never used a bot before.

Step 4

Once you are in the bot’s page, you can change any setting that you want. For example, in the red rectangle, you can change the bot features. In the exclamation mark icon, yellow rectangle, you can modify or create commands. This is maybe the most important feature of any bot. You can either use the in-built commands and set how many times it could be used within a time frame, and who can use them. Or you can create new commands to satisfy your channel necessities. 

In the green rectangle, you can modify the moderation settings such as filtered words or permitted commands. This section is especially helpful to prevent spam and unwanted messages.

Step 5

If you want to change the bot’s page interface, click on the interface option, which is the second option from the top down. There you can change the theme, add or remove widgets, and change how the page looks like. 

The more you use the bot, the more things you will learn. Don’t worry if you feel lost in the beginning. Moobot has a friendly interface and will give you a step by step guide in any action that you want to do. To use the bot, simply type the command in the chatbox and that’s all. 

Moobot is a free and authorized Twitch bot. However, you can have access to more benefits if you choose to pay. But since you are reading this guide, you likely don’t need that extended benefits and features.