How To Use A Firestick On Yor Tv

The Amazon fire stick is a streaming device that helps you to access your favorite movies, TV shows, music, subscription services, games, and photos. And yes, it’s too handy that you can bring this anywhere you go. Using a fire stick on your tv is very easy. In this article, we will learn how to use your Amazon fire stick. 


Usually, your Amazon fire stick includes the stick itself, the Alexa voice remote control, power adapter, batteries for the remote control, and an HDMI extender cable. You will also need an internet connection, most preferably 10 Mbps, an Amazon account, and any TV or screen with HDMI port. 

Here are the steps on how you can use your Amazon fire stick:

  1. Pair the Alexa voice remote control with the fire stick by pressing and holding the “home” button until the latter finds it. 

Note 1: Make sure that the remote control has batteries. Anyway, the batteries are in the same direction. This is far different from other remote controls. 

Note 2: The preferable distance of using the remote control from the fire stick is 5 meters. 

Press the “start” button if you see this on your screen. 

  1. After you press the “start” button, you will be given various options for your preferred language. Scroll up or down to search for your desired language. After you have chosen one, press “select.”
  1. After choosing your desired language, you will be asked to “connect to your network”. Just select which network you want to connect. Navigate left or right. If your network has a password, use the trackpad to type your password then click connect. 
  1. I already advised you to have an Amazon account, so that you won’t find it hard to register using your fire stick. (It is more convenient to do this in your smartphones or laptops). Anyway, you will be given two options, either to register if you already have an amazon account or to create an account if you are new to Amazon. 

If you take my advice earlier, you can select “Register” and fill your Amazon account and your password. Your fire stick will then register your account. 

  1. After registering your Amazon account, you will be asked if you want to save the Wi-Fi password. Select “yes.” Your fire stick will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network once you open the device. 


Note: I advise you to select “no” so that you will be better protected online. 

  1. Your fire stick is designed for parents and kids. It is optional for you to enable “Parental Controls.” If you enable it, you need to set a password. This will be required if a user wants to purchase an item or watch X rated videos. 
  1. The next screen will show an introduction video wherein you will know how you can use voice commands using the Alexa remote control with your firestick. 
  2. After you finish watching the video, you will be asked to “Enable Data Monitoring” or to “Set Up Later.” This is a crucial step if you have a limited Wi-Fi plan. Anyway, if your data is not really a big deal, just select “Set Up Later”

After following all the steps, your fire stick is now ready to use. You will then be directed to your home screen. Now it’s time for you to sit back and relax and watch your favorite movies.