How To Update Your Discord Bots

In our continuing Discord coverage, we are answering some reader questions that arrive in our inbox as well as common questions we see online. One very common question is about updating bots. How do you update Discord bots? Do you need to update Discord bots? How do you add or remove them and generally use them on your servers?


I’ll cover some of those questions today.

How do you update Discord bots?

The first and second questions are linked so I’ll tackle them both at once. How do you update Discord bots and do you even need to update Discord bots? You don’t usually need to update bots as they will be updated at their source. Like any cloud application, Discord bots are hosted elsewhere by the developer and updated on the source server. As a bot user, you don’t need to do anything.

When you invite a bot to your server, it doesn’t move there it merely links to it using an API. The bot itself is still hosted on the developer’s computer or dedicated bot hosting. There are several ways to host bots. Popular ways include using a Raspberry Pi on your own network, using your computer as long as you keep it running 24/7, using Amazon Web Service or other host or to pay for dedicated bot hosting. Each has its own pros and cons.

Either way, when a bot needs an update, the source server is updated and your Discord server automatically gets to see the updated bot. Unless you designed your own bot, you will never need to update it. All that work is done for you.

How to add or remove Discord bots

Discord has made it as easy as possible to add bots to your servers. You will need to be the server owner or administrator to add one but otherwise it’s a point and click exercise. It will take longer to find good bots than it will to add them. Sources of good bots include Carbonitex and the Discord Bot List.

Adding a bot to a server in desktop:

  1. Log into your server as owner or admin.
  2. Locate a bot you want to add and select Invite or Add to Server on the bot’s web page.
  3. Authorize the bot when you see the popup menu in Discord.
  4. Assign the bot permissions to perform its tasks. This will vary depending on what the bot is designed to do.

adding a bot to a server in mobile:


  1. Navigate Carbonitex and the Discord Bot List.
  2. Locate a bot you want to add and select Invite or Add to Server.
  3. Authorize the bot when you see the popup menu in Discord.
  4. Complete the reCAPTCHA.
  5. Assign the bot permissions to perform its tasks.

Some bots include a Captcha to prevent other bots adding them but some don’t. You will need to assess the features of a bot and assign the correct permissions for it to perform those tasks. Most bots won’t ask for permissions it doesn’t needs but always make sure you look at what permissions it requests.

Removing a bot in desktop is just as straightforward:

  1. Log into your Discord server.
  2. Select the bot in the right pane among your server members.
  3. Right click or long press the bot and select Kick Username.

also in mobile do this:

  1. Select a discord server.
  2. Swipe left your screen twice to get to the server members.
  3. Long press on the bot icon you want to remove and then hit “kick” in the pop-up window.

You kick a bot the same way you would kick a troll or inactive user. In the bot’s case they won’t try to come back or contact you in other ways to make their feelings known. You would obviously see the bot’s name where I put Username…

How to use Discord bots on your server

Once you have a bot on your server, you should be able to use various commands to make it work. They will be text commands you can use or automatic routines you can program depending on what the bot does. Text commands can be done within chat while routines will be configured using the dashboard or other control mechanism that comes with the bot.

The commands vary massively depending on what the bot is and what it can do. Each bot will have its own commands that should be listed on its web page wherever you got it from. There should always be a general command you can use to find out the other commands.

For example, on the bot called Pancake which is a personal favorite of mine, the command ‘p!help’ will display all the commands available within Pancake. Other bots will have the same general command. Just visit the bot’s website or main page on Carbonitex, the Discord Bot List or wherever to learn more about the specific commands.

Bots are an incredibly useful aspect of Discord and something that makes the platform stand out. They are simple yet powerful and make short work of managing even the busiest Discord server. Long may they continue!