How To Unlock The Movie Theater In Stardew Valley

Did you know that you can watch movies in an actual Movie Theater in Stardew Valley? In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about what it does and how to unlock the Movie Theater.


With theaters being closed left and right during the global pandemic, it’s nice to see that some games like Stardew Valley included neat little features that remind us of real world activities. One of the best changes introduced in the game is the addition of the Movie Theater.

What is the Movie Theater?

The Movie Theater is a building that allows the player to, you guessed it, watch movies. You can watch movies on your own or with a guest once every seven days. There are a total of 8 movies you can watch and they repeat on a 2 year cycle. So for the first year there’ll be a movie showing every season and it’ll change in the next. The second year, there’ll be a set of new movies per season and afterwards, will repeat the movies played from the first year. 

Some villagers also love certain movies over the other ones. Asking a guest to a movie they love will earn 200 Friendship Points, while asking them to a movie they just like will earn 100 Friendship Points. Don’t worry about accidentally asking them to a movie they dislike because it won’t cost friendship points with your guest.

Let’s take a closer look at the movies they show and which villagers will love them.

The Brave Little Sapling
An animated family comedy about a little sprout on a magical adventure to become a tree!
Season/Year: Spring, Y1
Loved by: Caroline, Dwarf, Jas, Penny, Sandy, Vincent

Journey of the Prairie King: The Motion Picture
The beloved video game comes to the silver screen!
Season/Year: Summer, Y1
Loved By: Caroline, Dwarf, Jas, Robin, Sandy, Vincent

Peer behind the midnight veil… You must experience to believe!
Season/Year: Fall, Y1
Loved By: Abigail, Dwarf, Elliott, Leah, Sandy, Sebastian, Wizard

The Miracle at Coldstar Ranch
Against all odds, a family keeps the spirit of the Winter Star alive…
Season/Year: Winter, Y1
Loved By: Dwarf, Emily, Evelyn, Gus, Harvey, Marnie, Sandy

Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World
Take a tour through the lands of the Ferngill Republic… from The Fern Islands to Zuzu City, this world is full of life!
Season/Year: Spring, Y2
Loved By: Demetrius, Dwarf, Jas, Lewis, Leo, Maru, Sandy

An absurd sci-fi comedy centered around the life and times of a lumpy guy from another star.
Season/Year: Summer, Y2
Loved By: Alex, Demetrius, Dwarf, Gus, Jas, Maru, Pierre, Sam, Sandy, Shane, Vincent

It Howls in the Rain
A group of youngsters set out to discover the source of a mysterious sound. (Parental Supervision Required)
Season/Year: Fall, Y2
Loved By: Abigail, Alex, Dwarf, Sandy, Sebastian, Shane

The Zuzu City Express
A beloved movie classic, carefully restored for modern theaters.
Season/Year: Winter, Y2
Loved By: Dwarf, Evelyn, George, Harvey, Jodi, Sandy

What else can you do in the Movie Theater?

Apart from seeing movies, you can also purchase concessions like Apple Slices, Black Licorice, Chocolate Popcorn, Cotton Candy, or Joja Cola, for your guest at the concessions counter. There are a total of 24 snacks but only 5 random snacks will be available for purchase every time you buy concessions.

You’ll also find the Crane Game inside the lobby of the Movie Theater. It works exactly like how you expect a crane game to work. You can spend 500g to win prizes like Futan Bear, Dinosaur Egg, Wumbus Statue, Seasonal Plants, and even a Movie Ticket.

How do you unlock the Movie Theater?

The first thing you need to do before unlocking the Movie Theater is to make sure that you’ve completed either the Community Center Bundles or the Joja Community Development Form. If you chose to have the Community Center intact, you’ll find the Jojamart abandoned. On the night before the first rainy day after finishing the Center, there is a cutscene of a lightning bolt striking the doors to the abandoned JojaMart. If you enter the abandoned JojaMart, you’ll find the last Junimo who’ll give you the Missing Bundle

The Missing Bundle requires you to submit 5 of the 6 valuable resources needed to complete the Bundle. To complete it, you’ll need the following: Silver-star Wine, Dinosaur Mayonnaise, Prismatic Shard, Five Gold-Star Ancient Fruit, Gold-star Void Salmon, and Caviar.

As soon as you complete the Missing Bundle, the Junimos will get to work on that same night. The Movie Theater will be up and running the very next day.

If you went with the Joja Community Development form, you’ll only need to speak with Morris and pay him a sum of 500,000g. Afterwards, Joja’s construction workers will handle the rest. The next day, you’ll find the Joja Warehouse converted into the Movie Theater.

Fun Facts

  1. Dwarf and Sandy are true blue cinephiles. They love every movie shown at the theater. 
  2. Krobus and Linus, on the other hand, dislike every movie. Krobus does have a soft spot though as he likes the movie Mysterium.
  3. Penny’s favorite movie is The Brave Little Sapling. But she’ll love every movie showing as long as her mom, Pam, is in the audience.
  4. Despite hating Joja Cola as a gift, both Pam and Shane love it as a concession snack.
  5. Developer ConcernedApe actually made a Wumbus comic back in 2011. 

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know on how to unlock the Movie Theater in Stardew Valley. Be sure to check back with us often for more guides on your favorite games. Have fun!