How To Unlock Talents In Spellbreak

Are you wondering how to unlock and equip more talents in Spellbreak? If so, we got some good news for you. We have here a quick guide about Talents and how to unlock all of them in the game.


Spellbreak is one of the newest battle-royal-themed games that you can play on multiple platforms. But unlike most battle-royale titles that integrate modern weaponry in their gameplay, Spellbreak takes you to a fantasy world where you fight other players with gauntlets filled with magic.

Aside from eliminating other players with the combination of different elements and active skills, you can also equip Talents that can help you build a character that suits your playstyle. You can view and use these passive abilities before you start a match, and they affect you for the full duration of your game.

Before we get started on unlocking more of these Talents, here’s a quick introduction to these passive skills below. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What are Talents in Spell break?

In Spellbreak, Talents are passive skills that players can equip before each game to enhance their character and build them to match a variety of play styles. Some of the effects of these skills can improve your health, increase cast speed, reduce your Rune downtime, and many more.

There are a total of 15 Talents that you can unlock and use in Spellbreak. The game divides these Talents into three categories, namely Mind, Body, and Spirit, and players can equip one from each category.

Each player has a maximum of six skill points that they can use to equip a Talent from each of the three categories. Since some of the Talents can cost you three skill points, you have to weigh your options when choosing a combination of skills.

These passive skills are active from the start of the game, and users can upgrade them up to 3 times. By finding and reading Scrolls, players get to level up these Talents to make their effects even more powerful.

How do you unlock more talents?

By default, you get to choose from six Talents (two from each category) to enhance your character and match the skills to your play style. However, you can unlock four more from each of the three categories for a total of 15 passive skills.

You can unlock these Talents by playing the game and leveling up the mastery of your Gauntlets. If you look more closely at the details of each Talent on the selection page, you can see the required element mastery that you need to reach in order to unlock the skill.

Since you only get to unlock one skill when you reach Mastery rank 3 and 6 on a Gauntlet, we recommend that you plan and decide which Talents are worth your time to invest. But once these Talents get unlocked, you can use them with any when you play a match in the future.

What are the notable Talents in the game?

In the game, you can choose one Talent from the three categories namely Mind, Body, and Spirit. Since you can only use up to six skill points to equip Talents, you have to manage them if you want to use all three of your slots.

For the Mind category, the Harmony and Runic Fluency Talent is the best, in my opinion. While the former grants you damage reduction and some status immunity, the latter reduces your Rune cooldown and provides you with damage reduction bonuses.

As for the Body Talents, the one that got my attention is Fervor. This passive skill increases your casting speed, which can help you dish out more damage to your opponents.

Lastly, the Spirit category gives you a couple of viable options that you can use with any playstyle. For those who want to deal more damage, you can choose to equip Recklessness. While the Talent reduces your mana reduction as well, these effects only apply when you have no armor, so you have to be careful.

Anyways, these talents may not be the best choice for your playstyle. In the end, we leave the decision of choosing these passive abilities to you. Try to test the different combinations to find the one that suits you best.

To sum it all up

Now that you know how to unlock all the Talents in Spellbreak, you can go ahead and choose which one of them that you want to get first. Since some of the best abilities require a high level of Gauntlet mastery, you have to play the game and invest time in order to unlock those.

While there are passive abilities that a lot of people recommend that you use in the game, we suggest that you choose those that fit your playstyle. What works for others might not be as effective when you apply it to your game.

We hope that we helped you learn how to unlock Talents on Spellbreak. If you want to see more tips, tricks, and guides, don’t forget to bookmark and visit us regularly for our daily updates.