How To Unfollow Someone On Instagram

Do you no longer wish to see a person’s posts on your Instagram feed? Do you want to stop following them on the app? If so, follow our quick guide below, and we’ll show you how to unfollow people on Instagram. We’ll cover everything you need to know whether you’re using the web or mobile app.


On Instagram, you can follow people on the app to get updates about their posts and stories on your feed. In this way, there’s no need for you to search a profile every time you want to check their latest activities.

After following someone on Instagram, you have the option to unfollow the profile whenever you want. Unfollowing someone won’t notify the person about your decision, but they can check their followers list and know about it, especially if they pay attention to your activities.

Here’s how to unfollow on Instagram.

How to unfollow a user on Instagram

If you don’t want to see an Instagram user’s posts or stories on your feed, you can unfollow the person on the app. When you unfollow someone, they won’t receive any notification about your decision.

You can unfollow users whether you’re using the Instagram web or mobile app. Follow our tutorials below, and we’ll cover the steps you need to know.

On your phone:

  1. Open Instagram and sign in to your account.
  2. Go to the profile of the person that you want to unfollow.
  3. Tap the Following button below the person’s profile icon.

  4. On the menu that appears on your screen, select “Unfollow.”

That’s how you unfollow someone on the Instagram mobile app. After unfollowing someone, their posts and stories won’t appear on your feed unless you search their profile.

On the Instagram web app:

  1. Go to the profile that you want to unfollow on the app.
  2. Click the button beside the Message option.

  3. Once the pop-up window appears on your screen, select “Unfollow.”

When you unfollow a private account, you won’t be able to view the person’s posts and stories in the future when you visit their profile. Only followers can view content from a private account.

To wrap it all up

Now that you know how to unfollow someone on Instagram, you can stop someone’s posts and stories from appearing on your feed. If you ever change your mind, you can always follow a person any time you want on the app.

That’s it! For more tips and tutorials, visit our page frequently and read our latest posts and updates.