How To Undo A Block On Bumble

Did you accidentally block someone you like on Bumble? Do you want to get them back? The block option on this app is there for a reason. If someone insults or annoys you, you can always block them. But, what about unblocking them?


Here we will discuss your option. What you can do if you accidentally blocked someone on Bumble. We will show you what you can do to get that person back. It may be inconvenient, but it is the only solution. 

How to Unblock People on Bumble?

Bumble is a dating app. Its goal is to reinvent the normal form of dating and give it a more unique approach. The idea is to empower people and give them absolute control. They can choose whoever they want to see. It is convenient, easy to use, and handy. It is a communication platform where people can get to know one another. 

Because of how easy it is to handle, millions of people use it every day. It is a very popular app. In such a huge community, like Bumble, it is only normal to come across some people who are not nice. They won’t be as welcoming and approachable as others. That’s why Bumble implemented a Block option. 

It allows you to remove those negative people from your match feed. But, what if you blocked someone by accident? Or you simply changed your mind. Well, the truth is, accidents happen. But, there is no way you can lift that block on this app.

 It can be an unfortunate problem. One you won’t be able to deal with that easily.

Now, before you give up on that particular person, there is one thing that can help. Instead of unblocking them, why don’t you try making a new account? If you really like that person, you might see them pop up on your match feed. 

This may seem like too much work. But, if you really like this person, then it is absolutely worth it. In cases such as these, the only thing you can do is make a completely new account. On that account, all the people you have blocked will be unblocked. 

In other words, you will have to block them all over again. Just, make sure to remember their name and picture. This way you will quickly recognize them when they pop up on your match feed. 


Even though it is impossible to lift a block on Bumble, there is something else you can do. It is probably a more time-consuming option since you have to start all over again, but it is useful. Since Bumble has yet to implement the unblock feature, there is nothing else you can do. 

Creating a completely new account from scratch may sound over the top, but it will work. Of course, it is up to you whether you decide to do it or not. But, if you really like that person and you’ve only seen them on Bumble, you should try it.