How To Un-archive Items In Google Photos

Google Photos is frequently used to save images that you want to keep while conserving phone space. Since there will be so many photos here, we will occasionally archive some of them to organize and arrange our albums.

Google Photos

Anything you put into the archive will remain in the albums and will not be deleted, but it will not be allowed to be used to create movies, animations, or anything else similar. So, if some of the items you’ve previously archived are now actually needed, you can unarchive them by following the steps outlined below. This feature is available in both Google Photos on the computer and Google Photos on the mobile app.

Using Your Computer

If you want to learn more about unarchiving items in your Google Photos account while using your browser, this 5-step guide is the best to follow.

1. Open your browser then go to Google Photos.

To begin, you should open your web browser and then immediately go to Google Photos. Ensure that your account is logged in.

2. On the left panel, select “Archive.”

If you are already on the Google Photos homepage, you will see a left panel that consists of different folders. You must select and go to “Archive.”

3. Select a photo that you want to unarchive.

After being directed to the “Archive” folder, you must select a photo to be unarchived. If you want to select multiple photos, hover your cursor to an image and click the checkmark. Do this for each photo you wish to unarchive.

4. Click the three vertically-stacked dots in the upper right corner.

If you’ve already selected all the photos you want to unarchive, click the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen. This will bring up a small drop-down menu.

5. Select “Un-archive” from the list of options.

You must select “Un-archive” from the list of options, and if you want a keyboard shortcut, simply press Shift + A.

Using The Mobile Application

Unarchiving items on the Google Photos mobile application isn’t hard if you follow the steps outlined below.

1. Launch the Google Photos app on your phone.

First, you must launch the application on your phone.

2. Log into your account.

To proceed, you must first sign in to your Google account. Ensure you’re logged into the account containing the photos you want to unarchive.

3. Select “Library” from the options at the bottom part of your screen.

If you’ve already accessed your account, you’ll notice four tabs at the bottom of the screen: Photos, Search, Sharing, and Library. You must choose the last one, the “Library” folder.

4. Select “Archive” from the albums displayed.

The library folder will contain various albums from which you must select “Archive.”

5. Select the photo you want to unarchive.

Now, you must select the photo you want to unarchive, but if you’re selecting multiple items, simply tap and hold to select more.

6. Click the ellipsis then select “Unarchive.”

Afterward, the last thing you need to do is tap the ellipsis, then choose “Unarchive” from the options.

Final Thoughts

Although the computer and mobile app steps are very similar, you must remember that there are significant differences between them. So, if you’ve reached this point and neither of the two guides worked for you, double-check that you’ve carefully followed the steps outlined above, and you’ll undoubtedly get the best results.

Nonetheless, I hope you found this article helpful in learning how to unarchive items in Google Photos.