How To Turn The Firestick Off With Alexa

Fire TV remote is pretty small. No wonder if it gets missed or misplaced accidentally. Nothing is to worry on such occasions. When the remote is lost, and there is no time to search, but the firestick has to be controlled (be it about turning on or off), Amazon’s digital assistant called Alexa can simply do the job. Alexa can enable the user to enjoying the popular shows and flicks available on Amazon Prime. It can also be useful to watch contents on Hulu and others through the Fire TV. It’s not just even about turning on, turning off; the user can have full control over its functionalities. No matter it’s about completely stopping, pausing, rewinding, or playing the upcoming episode, everything can be controlled through voice commands.


However, prior to making a connection of the Amazon Echo device and the Fire TV, it is important to ensure that both they are thorough with the same Amazon account.

Connect your Amazon Alexa app to your Fire TV

  1. Go to the Amazon Alexa app an open. Now put a click on Settings.
  2.  Upon finding TV and Video, select the same.
  3.  Now go for selecting Fire TV by putting a click on the plus sign.
  4.  At the next step, put a click on Link Your Alexa Device, and follow the instructions appearing further on-screen to end the setting process up.
firestick off with alexa

It is highly recommended to place the Echo close to your TV for ensuring greater connectivity.

Connecting with Hulu

  1.  Go to Amazon Alexa app and then put a click on Settings.
  2.  Finding TV and Video, select the same.
  3.  Put a click on Hulu.
  4.  Put a click on Link your Alexa Device and go for signing in with the Hulu account to end-up the setup.

The Fire TV can be turned on with a command

Through the effort of turning on the Fire TV and making it handsfree, it is recommended to go to Settings, then to  Alexa, and then make the TV turned on with Alexa.

Commands you can say to Alexa to start watching TV

The following commands have to be provided for starting the

“Alexa, watch Avengers: Infinity War.”

“Alexa, play Downton Abbey.”

“Alexa, play Golden Girls on Hulu.”

“Alexa, search for Avengers on Hulu.”

“Alexa, watch TBS on Hulu.”

“Alexa, turn the volume up/down on Fire TV.”

“Alexa, turn Fire TV on/off.”

Originally published May 30.

Connecting with Fire TV

People those who are having only a single Fire TV device, it should be ensured about getting linked to Alexa automatically as far as its signing into the same Amazon account is concerned. It is important to ensure that the Voice command is already working. Move further to the next section regarding the commands to be used.

Multiple Alexa devices can indeed have control over each Fire TV. However, it cannot be done simultaneously. Every Alexa device can explicitly be linked to a single Fire TV. Those who are interested in controlling multiple Fire TVs with Alexa, it is essential to have at least one Alexa Device for every Fire TV.


Go to the Alexa app and open.

There will be a blue speech bubble icon available.

Those who previously haven’t done can download the Alexa app on the Android device through Google Play Store.I t can also be done on iPhone from the App Store by logging in with the email address of the Amazon account.

  1.  Click on the menu button.
  2.  Put a click on Music, Video, & Books.
  3.  Put a click on Fire TV. Make sure this is the first selection.
  4.  Click on the ‘Link Your Alexa Device’; this is going to make Alexa search for available Fire TV devices
  5.  Pick Fire TV device you are interested in.
  6.  Those who do not know the name of Fire TV can follow the steps below.
  7.  Go to Fire TV and open. It is essential to switch to the right HDMI port on your TV.
  8.  Reach to “Settings” available at the extreme right of the main menu.
  9.  Next move to “Device” and then go to the right to find it.
  10.  Now select “About.” The concerned name of the device and other details is going to available at the right side of the screen.
  11.  Click on Continue to ensure selection.

Finally, you can select the desired Alexa devices with the Fire TV and click on Link Devices.