How To Turn Or Power Off The Firestick When Its Frozen

Have you ever experienced looking at a black screen even after you just started a video? How does it feel when the video suddenly stopped while you are watching on your fire TV? Well, your firestick might be frozen. 


A firestick is frozen if its functionality is hindered, such as in the instances above. Some people might confuse a frozen firestick with a slow firestick. If it happens occasionally, then it is merely frozen. But if the issue happens most of the times, then your firestick may already be slow. 

Reasons Why Your Firestick is Frozen

Before you learn how to turn off your firestick when it is frozen, it is best for you to understand some reasons why it happens. Here are some of the following reasons:

  1. Your firestick is outdated. 
  2. Installing Kodi on your firestick might trigger your firestick to be frozen. 
  3. Some files in your firestick may be corrupted. 
  4. Some files in your firestick have not been properly downloaded. 

These are just a few reasons why you are facing such an issue. Now, it is time for you to know how you can fix your firestick when it is frozen. 

How to Fix a Frozen Firestick

  1. You need to update your firestick if being outdated is the reason why it is frozen.
  2. If you just installed Kodi and it made your firestick frozen, try to remove it from your device. Anyway, you can reinstall the app again. 
  3. Remove any corrupted files. Just reinstall these files if needed. 
  4. Try to reinstall files that are not installed properly. 
  5. You can reset your firestick if all of these don’t work. 
  6. You simply need to restart your device. 

How to Turn Off a Frozen Firestick

A frozen firestick may be remedied by restarting it. It is just easy. All you need to do is to disconnect your firestick from the power cord. Just wait for at least 30 seconds and try to plug it back. Sometimes, your firestick may encounter this problem even without a really serious issue within the device. The most common, and perhaps, the best solution to troubleshoot this is to restart it. Anyway, it is true for all devices. 

If you want to turn off your firestick using a remote control, hold the Play/Pause and Select button together for at least 5 seconds. Your firestick will just restart. 

If your firestick was frozen but came back to normal after a few seconds or minutes, you can go to “Settings,” then look for “Device,” and choose “Restart.” This will turn off your firestick. This can be helpful to avoid further malfunctions to your firestick. 

It may be normal for your firestick to be frozen once in a while. The best solution to unfreeze it is to turn it off or restart it. You can also clear cache and data, switch USB port, and connect to a TV.